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Do not seek to see…

True success is the combination of love and happiness, because whatever you seek to attain must be sought with love in your heart and in your mind, such love in your heart and mind means happiness; for to be filled with love is to see beauty and delight in life, in the good and the bad times, and to see beauty and delight is to be truly happy.
And specially when it comes to financial or other material success, people deceive themselves in seeking first outwardly, then inwardly (if that ever happens, of course); therefore, they ignorantly allow their attention to fall upon their situations and the money they make with each paycheck…  But have you analyzed, really observed, how any success is truly born…??

I am not talking about people being born rich and successful, because that is another matter which does not concern me or interest me at all.  But I am talking about the more “normal” people like you and I, who are not born in golden crib but born in struggle and financial fluctuation; and our success then, it is not something we should seek to see, because most of the time success is not seen.  Like I said before, success is the combination of love and happiness, which must be born in you with honesty and heart.  And can you actually see love and happiness…??

No. You must cultivate that first within you like a seed, then, if you are patient and focused on your duty, you will create outwardly, you will harvest from that seed.  Your inner world creates your outer world.  So, do not be discouraged if you do not see success around you, for you must be patient.  Don’t ask how patient!  But be patient and do not quit… ever!

It all comes to you at the right time.

“And success … seems to be connected with action.  Successful men keep moving.  They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.”  ~ Conrad Hilton; American hotel tycoon and the founder of the Hilton Hotels chain.


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Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

What defines you…

“Only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experience life’s deepest joy: true fulfillment.” ~ Tony Robbins; American author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and life coach.

“The healthiest competition occurs when average people win by putting above average effort.” – Colin Powell; American elder statesman and four-star general in the United States Army.

The ego-driven man, the one who lives focused on the fake thrill of material success, the one who lives envisioning a better future constantly, is the man who dwells in obsession and does not understand life itself, thus he makes selfish competition and running over others priority in his own life, thus he forgets his own greater self in the process. 

But how can this man ever stop his own mind from searching and enjoy the moment if he is always seeking thrills and excitement…??  And how can this man experience the happiness living in each moment, whether considered good or not so good moment, when his mind is always lost in the outer pursuit of money and pleasures…??
This man can never know true happiness because for him happiness is a mere concept where he lives, in his mind, in his ego-driven lifestyle of selfish competition; thus, this man seeks out there constantly for value and for blissful experiences, but he never finds them because he misses the eternal condition within. 
He indeed misses that spark of love and intelligence, of wisdom and peace, living beyond his own ego-centered activity which keeps him always busy making money and trying to find ways to entertain himself more and more while escaping from his own inner emptiness.  He thus misses life’s moments with himself and his loved ones because he dwells in his rushing mind.

This lost man seeks things out there with the ego-driven process of selfish competition because he does not feel whole.

But there is also the man who understands and knows that happiness really lies within himself, so he seeks nothing out there; but, out there in the world of form, he works hard, intelligently and faithfully, to acquire what he wants, he studies and analyses what he wants, but he never makes competition a priority because he is already whole.

He is full and does not need competition.  And so, whosoever is full and knows himself from within does not fall into the temptation of desperately seeking to be full further.  Thus this man is not greedy or envies others and tries to compete to be better.  He only works diligently each day to be unique, not better than the rest but unique as himself.

What defines you as a human being each day indeed is the man or woman you decide to be in your thoughts and in your behaviors.


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Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

On your terms.

“Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.”  ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt; American statesman, political leader, and President of The United States.

“Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail.”  ~ Kinky Friedman; American singer, songwriter, novelist, humorist, politician, and magazine columnist.

We are creative in spirit and that is our essence, and so the mere concept and use of money must not drive you, but what must drive you forward in your life is to be free to express yourself and develop yourself in whatever your heartfelt passion is; for money is just a tool and, even though it is needed to buy food and shelter, it is something created by man, and something created by man cannot bring true happiness to anyone’s life.


To live life on your terms means to free yourself from the chains of society–i.e., from constantly working and thinking about ways to better jobs and more money, from the opinions and beliefs of society, from the judgements and ruling of family and friends, from the habitual traditions of your culture and religion, etc. etc.


Your mind has to reach freedom and acceptance.  So stop thinking about money and stressing about work, and remind yourself daily that freedom is the most precious thing; and that freedom is not found in your actions or in the money you can make, but that it is found in your mind and its content.

And to listen to other people’s opinions with the aim to please them, or to expect others to guide you or even respect your direction in life is the opposite of creating your life, of living life on your terms; for it deters you from being yourself, from being unique, and it blocks you from allowing your mind to learn on its own and develop itself. 

See, success is not really a thing you get or a position in society, or achievement through the manipulation or command of others, no matter who those others are, but success is much like happiness–i.e., it is a divine condition you experience within yourself by starting with a free mind that is unique, and so let go of the mental conditioning and set rules of a society or culture.  You bring peace and clarity to your mind by accepting life as it is and then by working towards a goal you have designed yourself; and also, by emptying the same mind from the set beliefs, ideas, expectations, and control of others, then, you master yourself, you create your own destiny.   


Love brings freedom, money brings worry and frustration.
Deep inside you know this.
So forge yourself!

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