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Under The Moon

Effects of the full moon

I personally find interesting the effects the moon has on life, as the sun has. So, I wanted to share some facts that I already knew and some others that I’ve found doing some research:

1- Veterinarians say that animals are more restless and unruly during full moon.
2- Migratory birds follow the patterns of the full moon for timing and finding their path.
3- The full moon amplifies charges in living cells.
4- Emergency rooms see more patients on full moon.
5- Ovulation and sexual desire peak during full moon.
6- Some people tend to become more impulsive and emotional (angry, excited, lustful, stubborn, etc.) nearing and during a full moon.

These are just some ways in which the moon affects us and other living beings. But there are, of course, effects produced on the actual environment around us as well.

Increasing self-awareness

The thing that I wanted to bring to your attention is that the moon affects our brain functioning (electric circuits/signals) and our emotional bodies (the way we feel) too, especially in the ones with less self-control who ignore this.

So, it’s all about knowledge of self and self-discipline. Here are some tips that I use to ground myself:

1- Meditation: it expands your awareness and brings harmony to your mind and body.
2- Cleanse: it means to clean your space. It is teaching your mind self-discipline through the everyday living, to be more healthy and to keep your personal space without clutter and looking more ordered.
3- Self-care: create more quality time for yourself. Study your thoughts and feelings in depth. Don’t just react to things, even to small things. Take a bath or do something calming for yourself. I have found that journaling is very liberating. It’s all about expressing yourself and letting more harmony spread in your body.