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Not of your comprehension.




Quite often connections can be damaged beyond repair, in any relationship, whether romantic or otherwise, because one tends to think, argue, try to understand, and psychologically categorize the other person too much–sometimes with obsession.

But to love, to connect is to feel without words, without playing any psychological game.  Just to accept and be with someone else is enough to love, because love is not your effort, is not your demand, is not your belief or opinion.

I do not seek your comprehension

I do not want the world to know my feel,
For they would not understand the depth.
I do not seek your comprehension either,
For I just desire your tender eyes to observe.
Mine is an invisible seduction of the soul,
A passion which hugs your whole being;
But do not wonder what this means to you,
Do not imprison yourself in nervous thoughts,
Just lose your inhibitions and dance in bliss.
If you do not believe that the soul in love
Leaves the body in the agony of passion,
Then do not take your eyes away from me
And do walk to where I am without speaking.
When true lovers all around the world moan
They are telling our story without knowing it.
I am not who you see, but I am what you feel,
And what you feel is not to be understood;
For is not of your mind, not of your reason.



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Sexual Attraction.




So, love and the mind are absolutely different experiences.  The mind creates sexual desire, consuming passion, romance, obsession with your partner to possess her/him.

Love is a very powerful connection to one another, not attraction to a body or an arousal to a desire; but a deep connection which makes you peaceful and not excited, selfless in your thinking and behaving towards another.

Now, as human creatures we know love through the mind, we can access love and the experience of it; however, in order to know and experience love, one must tame the wild mind, control sexual urges and not be obsessed by them, so love can have room in the mind.

If the mind is filled with desires and obsessions, with constant thinking of sex and attachment to another, then love is not known, it does not truly exist in such a mind.  Friendship is what better describes this selfless and unattached, liberating and peaceful phenomenon we call love.

That is how you know if you have true love for your partner, by being selfless, by being not obsessed by your sexual urges, by feeling like a true friend to her/him first.   Friendship, this connection beyond desires, leads one to happiness, to bliss, to harmony in life.

If life and your mind is harmonious, not filled with urges and desires, then your relationships will be harmonious as well.  A sexual attraction which is healthy for the mind is strengthened this way, for both the man and woman.




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