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The flame of the eternal.


Good morning!  Feels like a poetry morning.  Let us get started then..
The flame of the eternal carries the everlasting word in the heart of two souls, by a bond so strong that it surpasses all flesh and thought…

The flame of the eternal

Allow the very flame of the eternal to speak,
Allow our true love to soar ever higher;
As the young lover of the truth does seek,
As our very souls as one ignite the fire.
And let us not be hasty in our true affections,
For patience is the very essence of love;
And let us hold all our mental preoccupations,
For you and I sing with the angels above.
The beauty you carry shines like the moon
With its mighty spell on the heart of the tide;
The smile you bring to my heart is the tune
Which is the very secret to my affections guide.
Your lovely lips drink from the eternal word,
Which gives you eternal youth and splendor;
Your innocence as sweet as the hummingbird,
Your passions grow with the love most tender.


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Anatomy and physiology of life Poetry and prose from the heart. Stories to ponder.

The moon talks about us tonight.

Ever enjoyed silent nights out on the porch or the yard, just you and the stars above…??  Ever stopped your mind from rushing and thinking, and just enjoyed what is…??  We tend to keep busy with all these plans and activities, all this stress and frustration, ideals and work to do, but this is just avoiding ourselves, keeping ourselves distant.  And yes, we all have our challenges, pressures, difficulties, and these must be attended and fixed; however, this activity is not creating energy but taking away energy, taking us away from ever finding that silent place within ourselves where true love and happiness live. 
And most people is so used to running around and intensely thinking all day that they miss themselves, their attention is always on the world and on their problems and appointments.  But is this all there is to life…??  Perhaps, to be one with yourself, recharge yourself, allow yourself to just be, and to let go of mind and all ego, one must stop for a moment and enjoy a moment under the stars or a moment of pure silence where your attention is on you and God’s nature, just being, just feeling yourself and nature without the complications of an unruly and rushing thought…

“The moon talks about us tonight.”

All I ever knew was how you felt,
All my deep passions and desires,
All my foolish wars and past hurt,
All my selfish and worthless blurt.
Tonight under the magic of the moon,
As I allow myself to stop my thought
And feel you without any mental holds,
Away my ego as my dear you unfolds.
I had searched day and night for you,
But my search had been in great vain;
For you were not in the world I knew,
But you were within me in plain view.
And the moon talks about us tonight,
She says we are the greatest lovers;
Its magical light bathes us in eternity,
So we stay ever together in serenity.

That mysterious pull of the moon, influencing oceans and its tides.  And the human body is made mostly of water also, so we may feel the influence of the moon on us when we allow ourselves to step out of our heads and in touch with our emotions, silently, just being, in touch with what is.


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Under the moon.

“Men are like the earth and we are the moon; we turn always one side to them, and they think there is no other.”  ~ Olive Schreiner; South African author, anti-war campaigner and intellectual.

Under The Moon

Our hearts dance Under The Moon so bright,
Angels sing as we hold each other tight,
Enjoying the experience of the eternal moment,
Two best friends and two lovers without comment;
Our eyes communicate what our mouths cannot utter,
Our ears listen to the sweet music of the river’s flutter.

Up into the mountains and away from the crowds,
Staring up into the heavens with no clouds,
We came through the path full of tree leaves,
Crossed the valley and passed the farm’s sheaves;
Seeing the open skies Under The Moon,
We sat upon the heart-shaped trunk hewn.

Blood within us boils as our hands gently touch,
For we connect in great measure so much,
For there are no words to describe our care,
The feeling so magical like walking on air.
And Under The Moon we become one soul,
Love shines through from within us as the goal.

~ Asa.




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