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The power of Creation.

At some point in the beginning phenomena we call now physical life, Creation started, light burst out, molecules and all chemistry commenced to design structures and shapes, and the substance of divinity of the Process of Creation (The Creator) left its glorious spark in the physical elements we carry today.  This is the Whole of man–i.e., all the elements and their corresponding energies. This is the power of visualization, the sacred spark left in us; therefore, the Creator initiated life by designing a new awareness, a physical awareness, such is a consciousness that visualized matter and started the gracious work which continues today.  Evolution, as in the physical, mental, and spiritual, right…??

And the subconscious in man carries the substance of visualization, because our attitudes, characters, personas, beliefs, viewpoints, are made by what we see, hear, touch, taste, and overall experience.  Most of the time this enters our subconscious as we are not aware; and so, our environments and what we allow ourselves to absorb is what will make us.  Now, a silly story comes to mind: A teacher and a group of students where visiting a holy land.  Now, they encountered a donkey lifeless on the barren ground, then blood; a really gruesome sight to behold of a killed animal.  The students were speechless and then did shed tears.  The teacher said, “But have you noticed the donkey’s teeth; they’re perfectly white and aligned.”

Obviously, this is a very funny and sort of grotesque story, but the truth stands; that there is always something to be gained in each moment, whatever that moment may hold.  When I lost my father I was distraught, but now I understand that his death was a blessing in disguise; I am the man I am because of it.  The Power of Creation is in us still then, and we may use it to create a positive attitude in the worst of things.  The environments you choose–i.e., the movies you watch, the music you listen, the people with whom you engage, the places you visit–all assist in the use of your visualization….  Remember, nothing is out of your hands with faith and the right awareness in your visualization…



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