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Step out of the cage!

Step out of the cage and create inspiration! You must be proactive and…

Is inspiration something that bashes you on the head suddenly…?? Is inspiration something which is only reserved for the highly creative…??
Step out of the cage and create inspiration!
If you look at the world through people’s “logic” and beliefs, something is missing in their everyday lives–they make mistake after mistake, they do not take responsibility for their own actions, they seem to ignore what love and truth really are, they hate their jobs, etc…  Why is that…??  Is it because they lack inspiration to see and understand even their own lives…??

The artist waits for inspiration to hit him because throughout the ages society and all philosophies have told him that inspiration is a divine magic which comes to him from above, from somewhere he is not.  And this ignorant knowledge has gotten out and filled the minds of all of us, so inspiration has become a wealthy trait, something miraculous, something which not everybody can access.  Doesn’t seem fair, does it…??  I mean we all have to create in our lives, we all must fix our personal problems, we all struggle to find success in whatever we do, we all need a little inspiration daily, right…??

It is the waiting that which distances people.  The waiting is killing us.  No.  Why would you wait for inspiration when you must look inside you for inspiration, like you must look inside you for love and happiness.  Step out of your own mechanical thinking and inspire yourself!  Step out of the cage and create inspiration!  You must be proactive and creative, because these are traits we all have; and you find them step by step:  Write down ideas, think about past memories, connect to how you really feel, begin to work out the simple and easy things, and so on…  As an artist, I say that I never wait for inspiration, I am inspiration; so I begin to write something simple, I draw something simple, I see my feelings… and, Voila!:  There it is..

Step out of the cage and create inspiration!

“Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts.  This is the secret of success.”  ~ Swami Sivananda.



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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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