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The power game in relationships.

…Who is better?? Who is right?? Who does more in the relationship?? Who gets his or her way more??… This is an ugly state. This should not be so…

Power is politics, isn’t it…??  Power carries a selfish end, doesn’t it…??  Can power then be related or go with true love…??
Politics is the group of activities associated with the ruling or governing of something, of a country, of groups of people, of a person; and especially the debate or conflict among individuals or parties having or hoping to achieve power.  Love, true love, is free, which means it does not demand, rule, or desire to control; but love exists simply for the sake of existing as a divine connection, no other motives or purposes.  Power is politics and the opposite of love– Can you see this for yourself…??
Why do you desire money…??  It will bring power.  Why do you want to rule a country…??  It will bring power.  Why do you want respectability and prestige…??  It will bring power.  People search for power, consciously or subconsciously, in different ways…  For thousands of years, the ignorant society of men in which we live has created ways for men to be powerful–i.e., in schooling, jobs, patriarchy in the family, religion and its stupid systems, etc. etc.  Women have been left with only one outlet, namely their bodies, their physical beauty; thus, we have prostitution and all pornography popular…  But slowly more opportunities are now being given for women to be powerful, to get out of the old bondage; fighting men to get university degrees, claiming her place in the home, voting, authoring and leading, etc. etc.

But the truth is, power is politics, and power only brings misery, contention, competition, inferiority and superiority, and the rest of the nonsense.  And in relationships the struggle for power only brings suffering and confusion, it has nothing to do with love and everything to do with fear–i.e., Who is better??  Who is right??  Who does more in the relationship??  Who gets his or her way more??…  This is an ugly state.  This should not be so.  And if love is to exist then this must change; for love cannot be reduced to power politics, thus you are killing love…

Life is relationship, and relationship is love; this means life is only happily experienced through relationship, and the only true relationship is based on love, not attachment or fear of any kind.  So, take politics out of love, because a relationship will slowly die if you bring politics into it; and, if all the relationships you have die, then your happy experience of life will die as well…  Perhaps you can’t see this right now, but it is the way humanity works, the way deeper into things that most people take for granted…


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