Anatomy and physiology of life

Spirit of the scenario.

“Drama is life with the dull bits cut out.”  ~ Alfred Hitchcock.

‘Drama’ is indeed derived from the Greek word for ‘Action.’  Drama in your story must be like your life, without the boring parts–for example, you are waiting for the bus, which is boring and has no point of tension, so in your work that part must be taken away and not showed at all, unless something of drama extremely conducive to the story is added.  Then, of course, the essence of drama is crisis; however, there is two kinds of crisis, “the hero crisis,” and “the natural crisis.”  The hero crisis is, for example, in “Mission Impossible” or “Batman,” where the hero has great abilities, sometimes fantastical and superhuman, something that you do not experience every day in your own life. The natural crisis, for example, in “Office space” or “Manchester by the sea,” where the main character or characters have really normal lives like you and me, but something happens in their normal lives which turns into drama and tension, maybe a bit of chaos and lessons from the story’s character development the audience can learn from.
So, when you are involved in your writing or somehow creative endeavor, remember that drama must keep some kind of tension to grab the audience’s attention, and this at all times; whether little tension or beastly tension, and whether a roller coaster of tension, drama is all tension, the action which absorbs the attention of the viewer or reader.  And I repeat the word ‘tension’ because this is a MUST DO in any creative endeavor.  Also, remember that you can pick between the two crisis to make tension fit in your story and genre; this reasonable and wise choice will make your story stand out and create reality, even if it is a fantastical story–i.e., reality is about how well the details and the carrying out of the story is evoked in the mind of the viewer.
A great formula for explosive drama is this one:  When it comes to the situations or the plot of the story surrounding the protagonist–  As the protagonist in your story, for example, becomes less active and more passive, less certain of his inner strength and positive purposes, so it is the ambitions, the behaviors, the wickedness and intentions of those who surround him who now have another characterization in your story.  The common compromise here is when the protagonist appears undecided and emotionally deterred for the first three quarters of the piece or art, but then that same protagonist is forced into a definitive commitment in the final quart, a positive action.  The protagonist goes through all this hardships and struggles within himself so he can learn strength and wisdom to conclude in a positive note–for example, one of my favorites, as in Rocky, where he is a nobody and really feels like a nobody, but at the end gets inner strength and great love to finalize as a champion off the hard streets.
But more complex and hard to understand for the ‘Unsophisticated audience’ is the drama where the completely passive, undecided and purposeless protagonist does not have any major change of heart.  There is always danger of this kind of story not being too popular for the masses; but, on the other hand, there is a depth here that the avant-garde types or more ‘Sophisticated audience’ will admire as true artistic innovation, mostly because it manages to avoid the obvious and delves into the deeper, emotional issues of the human being, as in “The mirror” (1975 Russian film) or “The seventh seal” (1957 film)–i.e., these films, are more philosophical in nature and try to delve into the experience of being human, the beliefs, the judgments, the essence of the mental and emotional conflict these movies, as well as books since it is about all stories in any art form, invite a lot of questions; they do not sermonize nor belittle any specific demographic but instead, it just state different opinions and let’s the audience discuss its deeper meaning and the meaning they will take away for themselves.
So whatever is your drama type, always remember tension and adapt the action to your story.

Drama is a word derived from the Greek word for 'Action._Whatever the plot or the genre is the tension must be continuous.

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Poetry and prose from the heart.

The Magic Sword.

The magic sword.”


There was once a knight of vast courage and great might

In a world of absolute darkness and monsters of fright,

Who fought to eradicate the Forces of Evil;

And yet the incredible story tells of a great upheaval,

Of  cruel demigods and crooked magicians in the land

Who one night the great knight in a magic box they did strand.


Hellish sounds and ghoulish voices tormented him that night of profound fate,

Without his freedom for several days and nights the suffering was great;

But, suddenly, there was a light which exploded and conquered darkness!

WOW!–  It was a beautiful sword, its glint, its power, its sharpness!



The legend goes the sword indeed came from some place distant,

Forged in Heaven for eons the sword had been all evil resistant.


Soon our knight was armed with valor and confidence again,

He grabbed the sword, through the use of its magic his freedom did gain.

When he left the dark box he summoned evil and fought without rest,

Banished darkness, brought peace to his land because the sword was blessed.

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Stories to ponder.

The photograph.


First, there was a boy; Peter was his name.  He loved taking photographs of nature; since child he had been fascinated with capturing moments in life on moving film or still camera, for him it was all about emotional depth and the deeper understanding of nature’s interactions with all sentient life.  Now, he would walk down parks in the whole state where he lived and take emotional photographs of the intimacy of nature itself.  Birds being fed by people sitting on benches, ducks on the pond, dogs being walked by their humans, squirrels eating and squeaking in their woodsy habitats, even a few bears photographed from secret hiding places up in the mountains; it all made him blissful and gave him true freedom, communion with himself.



Then, of course, there was a small Toy Poodle dog; his name was Beast.  Peter and Beast were the best of friends, the closest and most loving towards each other.  They were always together, and I mean always; Beast would go along Peter when he took his photographs in the park, in the woods, in the beautiful sandy beach, etc.  They had been best friends since Peter was nine and Beast had been less than one year old, when Peter rescued him from a sewer line–because some ignorant moron had not wanted the little dog and had left him there to die.



One day, like every morning, they had breakfast together.  Peter sat and ate his cereal in the kitchen, Beast sat near him and ate his little pieces of dog food.



Once they finished eating, they played a little.  But there is one thing I did not tell you yet:  They were both alone in the world, they only had each other, which was fine; but, however, sometimes they would feel a little lonely.  Peter had never met his family, and at about eight years old he had escaped from the orphanage in the depth of night.  Beast, well, if it weren’t for Peter he would be gone from this ephemeral life. 

One day, they both decided to take a walk in the woods; and while playing a little in the way there, they saw something.  “Wow!–”  Peter exclaimed while Beast wagged his tail happily.



They contemplated Kate, a beautiful girl his age holding a camera as well; she was next to a few rocks and pushing her back against a tree, but she looked scared.  Peter did not understand why she looked like that, because a tree was blocking his view and he could only see her.  Someone was after her, causing her to be scared.

When he got near her, he saw the whole thing; the baby bear he had become friends with was terrorizing her.  Wait!–  To be honest, the friendly baby bear was only interested in the sandwich she kept in her pants pocket, so there was no terrorizing her really.  So, taking advantage of this friendship, Peter told his bear friend to leave her and to take his own lunch–it was Vegan food, much more nutritious and good for the growing bear.

So, long story short, Peter, Kate, and Beast were now best friends, best artistic buddies ever, sharing the same adventures and goals in life.  Peter and Kate fell in love, and then Beast got a little jealous.  But something wonderful happened next!

They were coming to the house that they shared together, the three of them now.  Peter and Kate had brought a companion for little Beast; the dog pound guy had been thrilled to have found a new home for this little sweet one.  Peter opened the bedroom door, and there she was with her tongue sticking out:

“SURPRISE!!” Peter and Kate yelled.  Princess was a small dog, too.  Beast looked confused, but then he stuck out his tongue in approval.  Immediately, they got along perfect, sniffed each other’s butts and played like soulmates.  In a way, they were falling in love.  And Beast was extremely happy, so was princess, to have met each other.




To end this story, Peter and Kate started both selling their pictures and working for the same magazine.  A couple of years later, they got married and were never separated.  Beast and Princess were together and had a couple of puppies. 



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Poetry and prose from the heart.

The Holder of Magic.

The flamer.”
It was a time of obscurity and ill rebellion,
Garbage on the streets, protests, great tension;
This meant cold hearts, violence, no mutual care,
Great insecurity and fear left a dark spirit bare,
People shouted and amongst themselves fought,
The city was under siege and in fog wrought.
But there was one which came from another place,
He had carried courage and might all his days;
He had been born in a different age and town,
He was a being of truth, strength, love bound.
Arrived he to impress and conquer immorality,
With a mighty flame to do away with brutality.
A girl in the crowd contemplated his flame;
He emanated a greater purpose and fame.
The streets were safe and the strife was ended
Due to this man of the flame and spirit splendid;
Now they loved him, there were no cold hearts,
The girl was fascinated, under cupid’s darts.
He saw her amongst the crowd with a smile,
Then lit up, went to her with no guile;
So they found each other, profound connection,
Two souls merging with great affection.



The Reaper in the trunk!

The night is really dark and bitter cold,
The candy sour and the movie old,
The car is a beauty from the eighties,
I am Richard on a date with Mercedes.
Can’t believe I’m watching this drag
Right after landing with this jet lag,
She fell asleep, there is no one around,
No other viewers, now rain is coming down;
No car roof, I should’ve brought a raincoat.
Damn this weather, the tickets I bought!
Thought this would be for us a fun time!
My girl, candy, the tickets only cost a dime.
I will go take a look in the trunk for a jacket,
Even though fog is here and the wind is a racket.
CCRR!  CCRR!  Jeez, the noise, is someone in the back?!
Christ!!– I just saw the Reaper in the Trunk!



The Holder of Magic

There was a time long ago in another dimension,
Of different time and space that to the human mind brings tension;
This entity had no face and body of the physical kind,
For there were no superficial identities, names, and relationship bind,
It was a He and a She, pure energy, excellent evolution,
Emotional Intelligence, high senses, love essence fusion.
In his dimension there existed no wars, religions, politics, and classes,
For there were no violent beliefs, greed, revenge, and mediocre masses;
Hence, it might be a Heaven for the human sort,
Because consciousness was free there, there was no physical foe to thwart.
This entity had a quest, his nature, his very purpose of existence;
He was after knowledge, deeper love, beauty, he was all persistence,
He experienced the magic flowing everywhere, its smell, its taste, its radiance,
One with his universe, no separation, in his vast mind there was no variance.
But there existed an issue, the challenge which made life worth living;
Paralyzing fear, dark magic, negative mind-fogs, hidden forces unforgiving.
So he went into meditation, contemplated the obscurity, looked for the light;
But there was struggle, the soul was dark, misery, pain, a fright.
Woah!— Then the Holder of Magic came into being out of thin air!
A deity, a healer, a magician so powerful he was everywhere!
This deity like sound from the universe of light took care of the entity,
For the deity was absolute peace, powerful love, true conscious identity.
From then on thanks to the deity there remained dark bits here and there,
But no true malignant energy, no paralyzing fear, now it was fair.
It lies in the powerful spirit of The Holder of Magic, not in the mind,
For thinking too much about opinions makes it to reality be blind.
The deity finds his might in that which the eye cannot see,
In the subconscious flow, Infinite Intelligence, in the real me.



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Anatomy and physiology of life

Light of the story.

“I think the best stories always end up being about the people rather than the event, which is to say character-driven.”  ~ Stephen King, American author.


As you start to plan a story in your mind, a powerful desire to create rich plot and characters is born, something which can get your interest and burn passionately inside you, to thus motivate you to do your best all the way through the story, from start to finish but to enjoy the creative journey.  A very wise and professional way to do this and be successful at any form of storytelling, indeed emotionally connected, is to mentally personify key elements in that story, to pour and spread yourself in that story; therefore, the most important aspects of that story will be enriched if you write about things and experiences from your own life, and if each character, or at least the main character, has some features belonging to your persona, in order to make the story emotionally rich and real to the reader or audience.  Because there is no more emotion and reality you can talk about than the ones in your own persona and experience.

If you wish to create a character that is really different from you and that has no qualities which can be found in yourself, this is fine also if you have some experience watching people and understanding the psychology of others so you can make this new character pop up in your story; however, your main character (protagonist) will make or break your story, no matter how good the plot is and how much fantasy or action there is, so you will have to extend yourself into this particular character, embody this character in the flesh, know how he thinks and feels, his beliefs and his intentions (you must do this with all characters in your story, but most importantly with your main one).  This is the key to your story’s success, so do not ignore it.




In the world of film-making, screenwriting mostly (the story’s true creator), it has been stated that invention is often memory in disguise.  And this means that true emotion and connection shall emerge from something you know by heart, perhaps some hint of a experience you had or some trait you have gained from your past.  See, the writer must perform in his mind, be God and be everywhere, rapidly shifting points of view that look at different characters at different moments.  The point here is to create something rich which can really move you and build a passion in you, and at the same time create something which can also move the audience and connect them to you through your work; but, obviously, if you are not successful in this process, it does not matter the wonderful scenarios depicted in your work, your art will suffer and people won’t connect to it.

I have written a screenplay, in early states of production now, called: “Michael Vega: Loose Damned.”  And for the purpose of demonstrating further, I would like to share some lines here.  I have written the main character, Michael Vega, based on me, or at least some traits:

FADES INTO BLACK, we hear rattling of chains and screaming.


The same disheveled and burned-up man comes out crawling from the quiet waters, breathing heavily while in pain.  He staggers up, looks around confused and lost.

CAMERA FOLLOWS FROM MAN’S POV, right side straight into emptiness, then left side to overlooking empty road.  On post, he sees a sign:


Michael (V,O- Voice Over)

           “Hi, my name is Michael Vega.  That much

          I do remember…  And I’m not ordinary nor


CAMERA SHOWS HIS FULL FACE AND TORSO NOW, he looks 35 years old, wears the cool black, face significantly scarred.  He limps to rock and sits, sees visions (flashes) of flames and hears chains rattling, cackles and slaves being whipped.  Flashes stop and he agonizes in silence.  Clutches head.

(Side note:  A little explanation.  Notice how Michael is depicted here; this is basically me, because I am also 35 years old now, love wearing black jackets, and Michael also has endured a tough and “hellish” life, just like me in my real life.)


Michael (V.O)                       

          “I did something not many do to get here.

          I’m looking for someone.  But this is all

          I will tell you for now, you don’t need

          to know more.  Just remember, I’m not

          ordinary nor pathetic.”

CAMERA PULLS OUT AND FADES IN TO BLACK, all silent except for rattling chains and screams of pain.


CAMERA FOLLOWS MICHAEL’S POV, only his heavy breathing and pained grunting are heard.  Straight view of the overlapping empty road, we see nothing but pavement, clear skies and side empty fields for a while.

CAMERA’S ANGLE CHANGES DRASTICALLY, now we see the road and his ominous shadow limping for drama scene, exhausted, about to…


CAMERA SHOWS HIS SIDE BODY COLLAPSING, then zooms to face on the ground.  Centers on eyes squinting and bleeding blood.

CAMERA PULLS OUT AND FADES IN TO BLACK, all silent except for rattling chains and screams of pain…

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Magic Book.”

Characters, plot, subplot, tension;
All human experience, emotional connection.
What does magic have to do with storytelling…??
Well, it is all about creating worlds, human compelling.
And why does it have to be richly character-driven…??
Because rich characters create that world, that is a given.
Great movies show and then tell, never the other way around.
Excellent novels free the mind to dream and become spellbound.
I find stories and things coming alive wherever I look,
As soon as I wake up I get lost in my magic book.

~ By Asa Rodriguez



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Anatomy and physiology of life

The genius of storytelling.

“The fact of storytelling hints at a fundamental human unease, hints at human imperfection.  Where there is perfection there is no story to tell.”  ~ Ben Okri; Nigerian poet and novelist.


Storytelling is, plain and simple, ALWAYS, a performing art. You cannot be a great storyteller if you are not able to build great scenarios in your mind’s eye and specifically direct the scenes with protagonist and antagonist.  You could be a professional writer film-maker, actor, or any other, but you will never connect with any audience at a deeper human level, or bring extraordinary success to your life and craft, if you cannot arrange and control these creative energies in your mind to design incredibly moving scenarios as a great performer.  Steven King, Spielberg, Leonardo da Vinci, Mozart, they all present this creative power of performing in their minds, they arrange and position every scenario, whether is a moving picture or a still picture–it is all a story, because if it is not a story then it won’t create really deep emotion when the viewer or listener enjoys the art form.

In order to be truly creative genius, real talent which gets to the heart of the public, and, obviously, to the heart of the creator in the first place, there must exist face-to-face experience; however, this experience of the genius creator is not merely the experience of the outer environment, but it is the experience lived in the moment and created by the incredibly powerful mind’s eye.  The performance in the mind of the creator must be pristine and real, it must engage all your emotions and take over the very essence of your cellular composition, and it must feel like you are really there in the scenario and it must answer the questions you open with each movement in your mind; because if you cannot answer those questions, then, the public will not be able to answer them later, they will just walk away due to no deep human connection, specifically due to no INDIVIDUAL CONNECTION.

Extraordinary storytelling is mainly the direct or indirect sense of tension between storyteller and listener/ public, it does not matter the form of storytelling and it does not matter the genre of the story.  See, storytelling is the profound understanding of when tension is growing, remaining leveled, and when it is slackening; hence, if you are not keen or master of this process, chances are, you will not be very good at expressing yourself and connecting to people through the great art of storytelling, even though your intentions and wishes to connect may be heartfelt. 




Storytelling is seizing the imagination of the audience in a subtle and/or unsubtle way, but always swiftly keeping tension and opening questions in the mind of this same audience, and this art is also connection through the screen, painting, or piece of writing.  That’s all it is.  Raw and uncut, flawed and human; because extraordinary storytelling gets close to life and we must take from it something to elevate the human spirit or to at least give us some meaning of something important to us.  Flawed and human, raw and uncut, I said, because human life itself is flawed as well; therefore, whoever seeks perfection in their art is not a true artist, due to true art being life and life being true art.

In this great art of the human experience, digressions and elaborations, your own twist and turns and individual mannerisms, are welcomed and suggested always; but, and you must pay attention to this very well, first you have to make sure the audience is hooked by the promise of something to come or some form of tension already created.  You as the creator and master storyteller cannot assume that the reader or audience will be as interested as you are in your art form, so you must project a deeper experience with some form of tension first, and once they are involved emotionally or hooked to your story then you can elaborate crazy characters and twists and turns.  This is the golden rule of all genius storytelling.

Being a master of storytelling is more than just creating art in the professional life, but it goes to the everyday life of the human being as well, for stories are all around us and they are what make human experience of value.  As a master storyteller you will connect deeper and create opportunities for yourself, motivate yourself and others to reach whatever is of importance, and emanate a sense of love into the world.

Because, remember, storytelling is life itself, and life is storytelling itself.


Storytelling has amazing effects in the physical brain, because storytelling is the projection of real experience in the mind and body of the creator, and of the listener as well.  Effective storytelling elevates the human spirit, and it creates real experience which may as well sharpen the mind.

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Poetry and prose from the heart.

Real magic.


Real Magic.”


It was a dark and fateful night

When I paced myself back and forth in pure plight;

I destroyed things and felt utterly lost

Angered, stressed, and deeply crossed.

You see, you had not done to me any wrong,

The world had not been the destructive song,

But in my own petty problems I was stranded

For the darkest recesses of my ego were expanded.

That night there were storms and quakes within my troubled mind,

No sleep I gained, buried in my own guilt, dead sentence signed.

After hours passed of excruciating pain and serious depression warning,

Then I saw through the window the beautiful morning;

There were trees smiling at me and birds singing rays of hope,

And in me something powerful arose with all the stress to cope.

It felt as if the burden was light and small

Because now the night was gone, I was transfigured,  I stood tall.

This energy kept giving me understanding and love most pure,

There emerged a peace and essence of life which was the cure;

See, now I connect to all which is good and bad through my heart,

And that energy within me grows and grows from the start,

For I am all my expressions of true bliss and things that are tragic,

I can choose darkness or light, and that is the real magic.



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Stories to ponder.

Moving things…

Territory of England, year 1349.  In some godforsaken open field, mud-filthy, where darkness is everywhere.  An unknown hero lies bruised and beaten almost to a mere pulp…


But I did it!  Did I…??…  Yes, I am most certainly sure of it.  In the middle of it, or the end of it.  I dunno, it’s all a blur… or most of it is.  But I was there, and my hands, they were on fire.  I thought that my whole bloody arm was about to burst into the same essence of hellfire itself.  My other arm was rather fine, until it happened.  But my head, it was spinning, rushing like a million demons, and it was burning.  Although not burning like my hands, but it was–it was cold, too cold…??

I cannot even feel it now.  Bathed in blood and guts, can’t feel pain and I don’t know if I am dead or alive, covered in clouds of darkness.  But what really happened…??  Is it within me..??  Some kind of transmutation, as someone surely calls it…??  Energy, isn’t it?  …Well, isn’t it?!…  Magic..??  Boldly the demon vitality rules the outside lands of Wessex, it causes terror on many, but it is good to many more.  At the service of my most noble Lord King, I know this…  The mud is cold now, like my head was…  But I cannot rid myself of these torturous images, it is like some insanity taking over.  See, I moved things.  Men were flying across the polluted air…


Hours earlier, amidst the blood showers and wretched screams of death, the unknown hero wields his sword with beastly mastery…


Chink!–  I guess I am fighting my enemies with no thought; because thinking is great to be used before war, to plan for it, or to plan a specific move during war.  But, the master taught me, absolute focus and power on the actual battle is reached through a state of no thought; because thought confuses you, it makes you doubt yourself, it compares your strength with the opponent’s, it makes you fearful and weak…  Chink!–  The blades collide in mid air, guts spew like volcanoes in eruption, blood and unknown liquids shower me.  The great obscenities of war surround me.

Absolute focus and power, the mind must be elevated, always in the moment, move with mastery through the moment but don’t strain yourself over it; flow with it, be one with it, and no past or future should rule the mind of the warrior but the moment…  Chink!–  “Living in the moment shall set you free,” master Kundu said.  And I am moving now, but how I move is not relevant; however, moving is, life is movement, “You are life, my son,” he said…

But what--what is it?!  It is calling to me!  But not voices, something bigger, more expressive, more direct in my being.  Shit!–  I can’t stop it.  Chink!–   It flows through me!  It rattles my head!  This godforsaken land, the mud, the clouds of dust, the unrelenting monsters of war.  They keep coming at me.  And I can’t stop.  AAAGGHH!!–  The pain!  I am on my knees, imploring and fighting my enemies at the same time, blood coating me still, my skin torn and bleeding.  The air is cold and screaming in my ears, entering my head, making it all mush!  GGOODD!!!–  What is happening?!  Is my mind, is not…  My hands.  Jesus!–  How am I doing that?!  Am I…  Could it be a dream…??  My enemies are being tossed aside and backwards, here and there without my involvement.

Bloody hell?!–  What is this?!  Some kind of magic??  And–And my head, it–it  bursts!  Woah!–  Am I–Am I moving away from the ground??  It does not seem real.  But it feels real.  But emerging not from out there, emerging from within me…  I can see something coming at me now, like a thousand banshees speeding through the severely polluted air.  It is a form, a shape, a solid object!  What the hell?!–  I cannot move!  Or float out of its way!  And in the midst of all these misery from battle and the loud noises of the swords and hatchets connecting with steel and also bare flesh.  Death below me. 

The massive stone flings at me!  And–And I BLACK OUT…

All is mind. Human evolution dictates how the mind behaves through time; your desire does not, and that is why your mind cannot move things by itself… yet. It takes a HIGHLY ELEVATED mind to do amazing things which are now the stuff from the movies you see. But all is real, nothing is fiction for the forces behind evolution…

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Anatomy and physiology of life

Freedom of The Muse.

The position of the artist is humble.  He is essentially a channel.”  ~ Piet Mondrian; Dutch painter.


Many people who try writing creatively, even so-called “experts”, or any creative pursuit which involves great muse and motivation from the subconscious energies of the human being really, made the mistake of thinking more and using freely flowing imagination less.  And I suspect this is the main reason people have designed this “Writer’s Block” that is affecting most of the world’s creativity process.  Intelligence is a tool we have to criticize and analyze, to discern what is good and what is not; however, intelligence is just that, a tool, and shouldn’t get in the way of deep and great creativity, or in the way of the wonderful creative process which emerges from beyond our intelligence or intellect–i.e., which emerges from beyond the conscious, analytic mind of man.

See, the creative process involves forming wild and fantastical images, sensory, emotional and highly intuitive data in your mind’s eye; so, this must be richly loaded with free range of colors, ideas, textures, environments, situations perhaps outside of what is “normal”, etc., and therefore there is no room for the rigidity of analysis or critics–because analysis or critics may destroy the rich creativity.  Creativity must run free and inspirational, not be tied down to a certain way of society or to a rule of creation aspect.  See, using psychology and some ideas extracted from the world of thought and shape we all know is fine to give some structure to the creation itself, but this structure means limitation and rules, so the real creativity comes before all structure and rule take place, and it does not come to your mind forced by you.


The process is not something you force like you force a thought created by a desire, but it is crucial to understand that you have to sit down and free your mind from the imposed rules and expected shapes of a narrative and characters; so, do not worry about what is strategic and real when you create a story or a character, specially when writing a screenplay (because screenwriters are mostly tied down by structure and rules), because that can come later when doing the editing work.  First you have to lose yourself in imagination, lose all inhibition and fear of messing up, without the impositions of your mind criticizing and analyzing your every mental move.  Respect the uniqueness of your higher mind (the subconscious) by letting it create apart from the noise and constant chatter of your monkey mind (your conscious).

A highly creative story is about emotional connection, perhaps of fantastical themes depending on the genre, it is about designing a new paradigm and way of experiencing in people; so, if the writer created with impositions and rules, then, the “magic” for people reading the writer’s work is gone, the substance made out of your deeper imagination is gone, marred by the rules and impositions your analytical mind has created.

Have this mentioned thought in mind whenever you sit down to write anything creative, or whenever you paint, because if you do so it will save you a lot of mental energy being wasted and stress being pushed into the process.



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Poetry and prose from the heart.

The Best.

  The Best


As the deep and powerful reds of the sunset at first light

And the incredible moonlight tucking the dozy wink,

It fills the essence of my cells and mind with such delight,

It becomes my best thoughts and intentions as I deeply think.


Beyond the deluded starlight and ill impersonations of others,

It remains rebellious and unique in my gaze pure and profound;

Beyond the narrow highway of provocation of my brothers,

It increases in brilliance and wisdom far passed the earthbound.


I just need to feel that I am alive and swimming in the very bliss,

For my soul and heart knows I am here to conquer the untamed creature.

Life is both the field of truth and the narrow path bordering the abyss,

It can be the darkest night or the lightest day and greatest teacher.


The sights and sounds of the very day can be the sharpest knife,

The dreams and visions of the night can rob me of healthy rest;

But that is the great purpose of living the challenging life,

To find the truth behind all the hurts to finally become the best.