Poetry and prose from the heart.

Real magic.


Real Magic.”


It was a dark and fateful night

When I paced myself back and forth in pure plight;

I destroyed things and felt utterly lost

Angered, stressed, and deeply crossed.

You see, you had not done to me any wrong,

The world had not been the destructive song,

But in my own petty problems I was stranded

For the darkest recesses of my ego were expanded.

That night there were storms and quakes within my troubled mind,

No sleep I gained, buried in my own guilt, dead sentence signed.

After hours passed of excruciating pain and serious depression warning,

Then I saw through the window the beautiful morning;

There were trees smiling at me and birds singing rays of hope,

And in me something powerful arose with all the stress to cope.

It felt as if the burden was light and small

Because now the night was gone, I was transfigured,  I stood tall.

This energy kept giving me understanding and love most pure,

There emerged a peace and essence of life which was the cure;

See, now I connect to all which is good and bad through my heart,

And that energy within me grows and grows from the start,

For I am all my expressions of true bliss and things that are tragic,

I can choose darkness or light, and that is the real magic.



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