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Do we create or destroy…??  Does humanity know true beauty…??–And I mean real beauty beyond your individual choice…??

It seems to me that we, specially men, who are the ones who rule society, are not truly conscious of the value in woman, and of the value in any human being for that matter.  Men send their own children to be maimed and perish in a stupid war.  Now, they do this nonsense because they are not Creators.  Women are creators:  Would they send their own creations, out of their own flesh and blood, to be maimed and killed, and to kill other creations…??



What is a Creator…??  Tell me, do you know…??
O I fear am lost in the deepest schemes of vanity!
Have I seen Her…??  Have I missed Her glow…??
Alas, this Death has no peace but sheer insanity!
Tell me, for I do not know:  Where does it all start…??
I know it is the truest and most divine Call of Life,
But ignorant men about speak of no divine part;
However, truth resonates in my soul beyond strife.

The child is the true man of Creation, heir of beauty;
His many creations in the world are born from Her.
Woman embodies the Call of Life, the divine duty.
Do you not see she is the lovely Mother of the heir.
Is it some illusion of the senses of repressed men…??
All I see and hear is wars and the cackle of Death.
Men dying, God crying, Satan smiling in his den!
Can Creator leave their own children without breath…??

If your eye could see the tragedy in men’s minds,
The abhorrent perplexity possessing their thought,
You could fathom the sacred value which reminds
Of the value of a woman, the purity in Her brought.
For he who is living in the Conscious Light of God
Can see with conscience and truth the Light in Her.
Flesh be the surface of the ocean rich and broad,
The origin of Life lies deep in Her waters most fair.




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Anatomy and physiology of life

The genius of storytelling.

“The fact of storytelling hints at a fundamental human unease, hints at human imperfection.  Where there is perfection there is no story to tell.”  ~ Ben Okri; Nigerian poet and novelist.


Storytelling is, plain and simple, ALWAYS, a performing art. You cannot be a great storyteller if you are not able to build great scenarios in your mind’s eye and specifically direct the scenes with protagonist and antagonist.  You could be a professional writer film-maker, actor, or any other, but you will never connect with any audience at a deeper human level, or bring extraordinary success to your life and craft, if you cannot arrange and control these creative energies in your mind to design incredibly moving scenarios as a great performer.  Steven King, Spielberg, Leonardo da Vinci, Mozart, they all present this creative power of performing in their minds, they arrange and position every scenario, whether is a moving picture or a still picture–it is all a story, because if it is not a story then it won’t create really deep emotion when the viewer or listener enjoys the art form.

In order to be truly creative genius, real talent which gets to the heart of the public, and, obviously, to the heart of the creator in the first place, there must exist face-to-face experience; however, this experience of the genius creator is not merely the experience of the outer environment, but it is the experience lived in the moment and created by the incredibly powerful mind’s eye.  The performance in the mind of the creator must be pristine and real, it must engage all your emotions and take over the very essence of your cellular composition, and it must feel like you are really there in the scenario and it must answer the questions you open with each movement in your mind; because if you cannot answer those questions, then, the public will not be able to answer them later, they will just walk away due to no deep human connection, specifically due to no INDIVIDUAL CONNECTION.

Extraordinary storytelling is mainly the direct or indirect sense of tension between storyteller and listener/ public, it does not matter the form of storytelling and it does not matter the genre of the story.  See, storytelling is the profound understanding of when tension is growing, remaining leveled, and when it is slackening; hence, if you are not keen or master of this process, chances are, you will not be very good at expressing yourself and connecting to people through the great art of storytelling, even though your intentions and wishes to connect may be heartfelt. 




Storytelling is seizing the imagination of the audience in a subtle and/or unsubtle way, but always swiftly keeping tension and opening questions in the mind of this same audience, and this art is also connection through the screen, painting, or piece of writing.  That’s all it is.  Raw and uncut, flawed and human; because extraordinary storytelling gets close to life and we must take from it something to elevate the human spirit or to at least give us some meaning of something important to us.  Flawed and human, raw and uncut, I said, because human life itself is flawed as well; therefore, whoever seeks perfection in their art is not a true artist, due to true art being life and life being true art.

In this great art of the human experience, digressions and elaborations, your own twist and turns and individual mannerisms, are welcomed and suggested always; but, and you must pay attention to this very well, first you have to make sure the audience is hooked by the promise of something to come or some form of tension already created.  You as the creator and master storyteller cannot assume that the reader or audience will be as interested as you are in your art form, so you must project a deeper experience with some form of tension first, and once they are involved emotionally or hooked to your story then you can elaborate crazy characters and twists and turns.  This is the golden rule of all genius storytelling.

Being a master of storytelling is more than just creating art in the professional life, but it goes to the everyday life of the human being as well, for stories are all around us and they are what make human experience of value.  As a master storyteller you will connect deeper and create opportunities for yourself, motivate yourself and others to reach whatever is of importance, and emanate a sense of love into the world.

Because, remember, storytelling is life itself, and life is storytelling itself.


Storytelling has amazing effects in the physical brain, because storytelling is the projection of real experience in the mind and body of the creator, and of the listener as well.  Effective storytelling elevates the human spirit, and it creates real experience which may as well sharpen the mind.

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