Poetry and prose from the heart.

The Holder of Magic.

He saw her amongst the crowd with a smile,
Then lit up, went to her with no guile;
So they found each other, profound connection,
Two souls merging with great affection.

The flamer.”
It was a time of obscurity and ill rebellion,
Garbage on the streets, protests, great tension;
This meant cold hearts, violence, no mutual care,
Great insecurity and fear left a dark spirit bare,
People shouted and amongst themselves fought,
The city was under siege and in fog wrought.
But there was one which came from another place,
He had carried courage and might all his days;
He had been born in a different age and town,
He was a being of truth, strength, love bound.
Arrived he to impress and conquer immorality,
With a mighty flame to do away with brutality.
A girl in the crowd contemplated his flame;
He emanated a greater purpose and fame.
The streets were safe and the strife was ended
Due to this man of the flame and spirit splendid;
Now they loved him, there were no cold hearts,
The girl was fascinated, under cupid’s darts.
He saw her amongst the crowd with a smile,
Then lit up, went to her with no guile;
So they found each other, profound connection,
Two souls merging with great affection.



The Reaper in the trunk!

The night is really dark and bitter cold,
The candy sour and the movie old,
The car is a beauty from the eighties,
I am Richard on a date with Mercedes.
Can’t believe I’m watching this drag
Right after landing with this jet lag,
She fell asleep, there is no one around,
No other viewers, now rain is coming down;
No car roof, I should’ve brought a raincoat.
Damn this weather, the tickets I bought!
Thought this would be for us a fun time!
My girl, candy, the tickets only cost a dime.
I will go take a look in the trunk for a jacket,
Even though fog is here and the wind is a racket.
CCRR!  CCRR!  Jeez, the noise, is someone in the back?!
Christ!!– I just saw the Reaper in the Trunk!



The Holder of Magic

There was a time long ago in another dimension,
Of different time and space that to the human mind brings tension;
This entity had no face and body of the physical kind,
For there were no superficial identities, names, and relationship bind,
It was a He and a She, pure energy, excellent evolution,
Emotional Intelligence, high senses, love essence fusion.
In his dimension there existed no wars, religions, politics, and classes,
For there were no violent beliefs, greed, revenge, and mediocre masses;
Hence, it might be a Heaven for the human sort,
Because consciousness was free there, there was no physical foe to thwart.
This entity had a quest, his nature, his very purpose of existence;
He was after knowledge, deeper love, beauty, he was all persistence,
He experienced the magic flowing everywhere, its smell, its taste, its radiance,
One with his universe, no separation, in his vast mind there was no variance.
But there existed an issue, the challenge which made life worth living;
Paralyzing fear, dark magic, negative mind-fogs, hidden forces unforgiving.
So he went into meditation, contemplated the obscurity, looked for the light;
But there was struggle, the soul was dark, misery, pain, a fright.
Woah!— Then the Holder of Magic came into being out of thin air!
A deity, a healer, a magician so powerful he was everywhere!
This deity like sound from the universe of light took care of the entity,
For the deity was absolute peace, powerful love, true conscious identity.
From then on thanks to the deity there remained dark bits here and there,
But no true malignant energy, no paralyzing fear, now it was fair.
It lies in the powerful spirit of The Holder of Magic, not in the mind,
For thinking too much about opinions makes it to reality be blind.
The deity finds his might in that which the eye cannot see,
In the subconscious flow, Infinite Intelligence, in the real me.



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By thegodwithinblog

“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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