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Freedom of The Muse.

Have this mentioned thought in mind whenever you sit down to write anything creative, or whenever you paint, because if you do so it will save you a lot of mental energy being wasted and stress.

The position of the artist is humble.  He is essentially a channel.”  ~ Piet Mondrian; Dutch painter.


Many people who try writing creatively, even so-called “experts”, or any creative pursuit which involves great muse and motivation from the subconscious energies of the human being really, made the mistake of thinking more and using freely flowing imagination less.  And I suspect this is the main reason people have designed this “Writer’s Block” that is affecting most of the world’s creativity process.  Intelligence is a tool we have to criticize and analyze, to discern what is good and what is not; however, intelligence is just that, a tool, and shouldn’t get in the way of deep and great creativity, or in the way of the wonderful creative process which emerges from beyond our intelligence or intellect–i.e., which emerges from beyond the conscious, analytic mind of man.

See, the creative process involves forming wild and fantastical images, sensory, emotional and highly intuitive data in your mind’s eye; so, this must be richly loaded with free range of colors, ideas, textures, environments, situations perhaps outside of what is “normal”, etc., and therefore there is no room for the rigidity of analysis or critics–because analysis or critics may destroy the rich creativity.  Creativity must run free and inspirational, not be tied down to a certain way of society or to a rule of creation aspect.  See, using psychology and some ideas extracted from the world of thought and shape we all know is fine to give some structure to the creation itself, but this structure means limitation and rules, so the real creativity comes before all structure and rule take place, and it does not come to your mind forced by you.


The process is not something you force like you force a thought created by a desire, but it is crucial to understand that you have to sit down and free your mind from the imposed rules and expected shapes of a narrative and characters; so, do not worry about what is strategic and real when you create a story or a character, specially when writing a screenplay (because screenwriters are mostly tied down by structure and rules), because that can come later when doing the editing work.  First you have to lose yourself in imagination, lose all inhibition and fear of messing up, without the impositions of your mind criticizing and analyzing your every mental move.  Respect the uniqueness of your higher mind (the subconscious) by letting it create apart from the noise and constant chatter of your monkey mind (your conscious).

A highly creative story is about emotional connection, perhaps of fantastical themes depending on the genre, it is about designing a new paradigm and way of experiencing in people; so, if the writer created with impositions and rules, then, the “magic” for people reading the writer’s work is gone, the substance made out of your deeper imagination is gone, marred by the rules and impositions your analytical mind has created.

Have this mentioned thought in mind whenever you sit down to write anything creative, or whenever you paint, because if you do so it will save you a lot of mental energy being wasted and stress being pushed into the process.



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By thegodwithinblog

“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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