Self-help life truths.

The hidden you (first video)

“Our mind is like a cloudy sky: in essence clear and pure, but overcast by clouds of delusions.  Just as the thickest clouds can disperse, so, too, even the heaviest delusions can be removed from our mind.”  ~ Kelsang Gyatso; Buddhist monk, meditation teacher, scholar, and author.


To me, the essence of what we truly are is the most essential understanding I carry with me about life which influences my thought and behaviors.

Most of us walk around blind to our real worth and identity, so, in this mirage so real to us, we engage in arguments and fights, and rebellious and ignorant attitudes which take us to pain and suffering and all kinds of negative emotions of destruction. This is because we find our identities, our value in what we know, in the knowledge we have acquired throughout years and all experiences we have gone through in this physical realm; however, the energy within those atoms that form you is what you truly are, it is your ONLY real identity and value because that never dies, but your body and mind do. Some of us call this energy imagination and the process of creating value to connect to other human beings.

In this video, I explain certain things about it from my own experiences in life:


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