Stories to ponder.

Moving things…

All is mind. Human evolution dictates how the mind behaves through time; your desire does not, and that is why your mind cannot move things by itself… yet.

Territory of England, year 1349.  In some godforsaken open field, mud-filthy, where darkness is everywhere.  An unknown hero lies bruised and beaten almost to a mere pulp…


But I did it!  Did I…??…  Yes, I am most certainly sure of it.  In the middle of it, or the end of it.  I dunno, it’s all a blur… or most of it is.  But I was there, and my hands, they were on fire.  I thought that my whole bloody arm was about to burst into the same essence of hellfire itself.  My other arm was rather fine, until it happened.  But my head, it was spinning, rushing like a million demons, and it was burning.  Although not burning like my hands, but it was–it was cold, too cold…??

I cannot even feel it now.  Bathed in blood and guts, can’t feel pain and I don’t know if I am dead or alive, covered in clouds of darkness.  But what really happened…??  Is it within me..??  Some kind of transmutation, as someone surely calls it…??  Energy, isn’t it?  …Well, isn’t it?!…  Magic..??  Boldly the demon vitality rules the outside lands of Wessex, it causes terror on many, but it is good to many more.  At the service of my most noble Lord King, I know this…  The mud is cold now, like my head was…  But I cannot rid myself of these torturous images, it is like some insanity taking over.  See, I moved things.  Men were flying across the polluted air…


Hours earlier, amidst the blood showers and wretched screams of death, the unknown hero wields his sword with beastly mastery…


Chink!–  I guess I am fighting my enemies with no thought; because thinking is great to be used before war, to plan for it, or to plan a specific move during war.  But, the master taught me, absolute focus and power on the actual battle is reached through a state of no thought; because thought confuses you, it makes you doubt yourself, it compares your strength with the opponent’s, it makes you fearful and weak…  Chink!–  The blades collide in mid air, guts spew like volcanoes in eruption, blood and unknown liquids shower me.  The great obscenities of war surround me.

Absolute focus and power, the mind must be elevated, always in the moment, move with mastery through the moment but don’t strain yourself over it; flow with it, be one with it, and no past or future should rule the mind of the warrior but the moment…  Chink!–  “Living in the moment shall set you free,” master Kundu said.  And I am moving now, but how I move is not relevant; however, moving is, life is movement, “You are life, my son,” he said…

But what--what is it?!  It is calling to me!  But not voices, something bigger, more expressive, more direct in my being.  Shit!–  I can’t stop it.  Chink!–   It flows through me!  It rattles my head!  This godforsaken land, the mud, the clouds of dust, the unrelenting monsters of war.  They keep coming at me.  And I can’t stop.  AAAGGHH!!–  The pain!  I am on my knees, imploring and fighting my enemies at the same time, blood coating me still, my skin torn and bleeding.  The air is cold and screaming in my ears, entering my head, making it all mush!  GGOODD!!!–  What is happening?!  Is my mind, is not…  My hands.  Jesus!–  How am I doing that?!  Am I…  Could it be a dream…??  My enemies are being tossed aside and backwards, here and there without my involvement.

Bloody hell?!–  What is this?!  Some kind of magic??  And–And my head, it–it  bursts!  Woah!–  Am I–Am I moving away from the ground??  It does not seem real.  But it feels real.  But emerging not from out there, emerging from within me…  I can see something coming at me now, like a thousand banshees speeding through the severely polluted air.  It is a form, a shape, a solid object!  What the hell?!–  I cannot move!  Or float out of its way!  And in the midst of all these misery from battle and the loud noises of the swords and hatchets connecting with steel and also bare flesh.  Death below me. 

The massive stone flings at me!  And–And I BLACK OUT…

All is mind. Human evolution dictates how the mind behaves through time; your desire does not, and that is why your mind cannot move things by itself… yet. It takes a HIGHLY ELEVATED mind to do amazing things which are now the stuff from the movies you see. But all is real, nothing is fiction for the forces behind evolution…

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By thegodwithinblog

“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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