The free mind of a human god!

The story of the God-man (video).

That the heartbeats themselves produce vibrating forms of energy, waves and ripples of the electromagnetic aura around the heart deeply connected to a source of prophetic wisdom and emotional power the common man whose consciousness is planted upon the physical senses dares not think of. That is the God-Man.

“People  are  like  dirt.  They  can  either  nourish  you  and  help  you  grow  as  a  person  or  they  can  stunt  your  growth  and  make  you  wilt  and  die.”  ~ Plato;  Greek  philosopher, educator.


The  very  act  of  man  standing  erect  and  walking  upon  this  earth,  of  building  shelter,  of  enjoying  foods  which  sustain  life,  of  the  marvelous  working  of  the  lungs  and  of  the  miraculous  powers  of  the  heart  remains  unpaid  to  a  divinity  which  shall  bear  no  worthless  name  according  to  man’s  weak  confusion;  but,  however,  in  the  Eternal  Mind  such  is  the  almighty  power  of  Creation  itself,  which  has  thus  fashioned  all  space  and  time  and  the  bridge  that  unites  man  to  the  highest  and  most  blissful  riches  of  the  universe,  the  subconscious  force  or  omnipresent  mind—the  origins  of  the  god-man  bestowed  upon  and  introduced  within  the  human  form  of  the  everyday  facade.  

The  science  in  this  is  profound  and  in  agreement  with  the  great  sages  of  old  times.  That  the  heartbeats  themselves  produce  vibrating  forms  of  energy,  waves  and  ripples  of  the  electromagnetic  aura  around  the  heart  deeply  connected  to  a  source  of  prophetic  wisdom  and  emotional  power  the  common  man  whose  consciousness  is  planted  upon  the  physical  senses  dares  not  think  of.  That is the God-Man.

Now the story of how we became beings, then corrupted, and then lost in this land.

Since before time and space we existed and we were literally one, then chaos started, ego came into being and greed and the need to enslave the minds of other men. 

How did we get to this point…??  How to be free…??  What or who is the God-Man really…??

Let’s find out together.

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By thegodwithinblog

“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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