Poetry and prose from the heart. Stories to ponder.

Within our kiss.

Within Our Kiss

The magic beyond the lips

Far greater than the magnificent eclipse,

More than just touch and sensation,

Spiritual harmony, two souls in connection.

There never was in my existence

The pure bliss in the persistence

Of your soul merging with mine,

Yes, you made me experience the sublime.


My being was lost and confused,

By hatred and several vices I was used,

The stars for me were not shining anymore,

My way was corrupted, my heart ill and sore.

But one day I met the miracle which made me

Realize my strength for you did tell me

That two souls which belong together

Are never apart, connected forever.


You became my friend and companion,

We visited the beach, the parks, the canyon.

Then something happened and my world was changed,

We felt that vital essences were exchanged,

The closeness of our bodies, the link of our minds,

The burst of energy, the love that binds.


It was the world within which elevated this poet

To incredible heights of the romantic sonnet.

God put images in my mind of bright stars,

Beautiful planets, Venus and Mars.

My heart sensed beyond the physical touch of our lips,

The dimensions I saw, the rich galaxies Within Our Kiss.     


A passionate kiss which communicates deep affection and share connection goes beyond two lips touching, it goes beyond the thoughts you have during that magic kiss. This kiss is the merging of two souls into one, going back to Source/God for the moment that kiss lasts where no space and time are limitations.

Hot Sunset kiss

Plain words cannot describe that sensation,
For our spirits were in glorious elation,
Soaring through heavenly clouds of light,
Magical stories of love the poet cannot write.
We felt the mystery of our warm embrace;
It became a flame without time and space.
It burned deep in our souls as one,
Our lips and burning love under the sun.

Shy at first I communicated my sincere affection,
We talked for hours and found the connection.
Our hands held and I felt I knew you from somewhere,
Twin flames, a past life, a deepness we share.
Then we elevated the passion, there was pure bliss,
For I will always remember that Hot Sunset Kiss.


Deep, sincere love bursts with flames of truth and soul connection.

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Poetry and prose from the heart.




The divine darkness of my mind ripples and flows,
Never-ending vastness, eternal ocean of the Soul,
Such universe of universes and portal into Brahman,
Which does not represent a past or a future itself,
Which does not divide and conquer my foes of old,
Where the pendulum of pleasure and pain vanishes,
Where happiness and depression has no meaning.
And there is no wake or sleep, no movement or stillness,
No delusion of ill thought and roused emotion;
However the smoothness and the dynamic ether,
It is just the allowance of being of what is being,
The essence of freedom and liberation from hues,
From forms, from comparison, from symmetry,
From the chains of lone-perception and trick-belief.

The most profound recesses of my mind fall into Brahman,
Such God be the eternal ocean of the Atman, the Soul,
Like raindrops into the vastest ocean, one is all, all is one;
By branching out the mind touches one drop of the ocean,
And the ocean be me for there is no body-mind, two are one.
The ego cannot poison the waters, it cannot soil the existence.
But the unity is light and yet it has no qualities of light as such.
But the darkness is the light and they are no opposites.
Where is the world of man…??  Where is the misery of man…??
Where is the aging universe…??  And who took it away…??
What has happened to my beliefs, preoccupations, needs…??
All the worries and illnesses have become one with me,
There lies no reserve or disorder, no confusion or riot within;
I have been revived into undying peace, which is Real Love
Beyond the senses of man, beyond such Mara the Tempter.
This is what they call the ultimate reality!  Ultimate beauty
Far beyond the known thoughts, emotions, and actions of man!

Here is Brahman, of no time and space, of no dogma and creed,
Endless joy and peace which has given ability to a body-mind
To know Being, to see beyond the illusion of the senses.
Nothing is separate from me and nothing can affect me,
The illumined no longer sees the limitation, the end,
This mystical wisdom feeds me and fattens me, the Real Me.
But I must return to consciousness of the objective dual now,
Knowing that this is just an appearance, a glove of The Infinite,
A form of thought and emotion to swim these unreal waters
And to experience the lessons of pleasure and pain of illusion.


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