Stories to ponder.

The transfiguration.

…After several minutes had passed under stress and thoughts of grim death, the man dares finally ask, “Who–Who are you…??”
The Deceiver responds in a haughty and soothing tone after a poised chuckle, “You know who I am, Adam. You brought me here, to this… place you chose.”

“The ultimate aim of the ego is not to see something, but to be something.”  ~ Muhammad Iqbal; Indian poet, philosopher, politician, academic, barrister, and scholar.

Year  2045. 

In a distant world where thinking deeply got you in trouble, where going against the establishment and its rules got you excommunicated and locked behind bars.

A dirty and trembling man sits upon the floor within his enclosed jail cell, close to him The Lord of Darkness himself sits under the form of a bright window…


…After several minutes had passed under stress and thoughts of grim death, the man dares finally ask, “Who–Who are you…??”

The Deceiver responds in a haughty and soothing tone after a poised chuckle,  “You know who I am, Adam.  You brought me here, to this… place you chose.”

The dead air stunk of sweat and hell ashes.  Adam swallowed nervously, “…I didn’t choose this.  And I didn’t bring you here.”

He was in meditation, brooding deeply.  “Thoughts, intentions, and actions open portals into that which is represented by light or darkness in the cosmos.  You chose your fate.”

Screams of anguish and people being punished pollute the air further.  “Am I dreaming..??  This must be death…  Is it not…??”

“How amusing you are.”  His lips curled into something someone could call a smile of derision, “Life is all there is.  Death, what you call death, is but a door into a higher level of consciousness, one level you cannot achieve in this… pitiful form you carry…  No, not death.  This is something else.”

“What is this then?”

“This is your world, the one you’ve chosen.  Everything exists still, no life passes away; your wife, your children, even your dog, they all live.  But you can’t see them, you lost that privilege when you chose me into your life.”  The air became electric and cool.   The bright window form became dark and the scenery through it purely wretched.  “There is a balance for all that exists, Adam.  You pushed on that balance too far, and life became… well this.”


Silence corroded the dungeon.

The Deceiver pierced his eyes, “Did you think your rebellious nonsense wouldn’t upset the balance of your life?  Did you ever think of your family, how your selfish actions would affect them?…  No, you were too self-involved.  Your ego and your beliefs, thus your illusions mattered most to you.  Congratulations on killing them.  Congratulations on choosing me.”  Then he vanished into thin air.

Tears began streaming down Adam’s face bathed on the memories of his family being killed in a shootout with police.  It felt like he finally understood his whole world had come down on him.  Several minutes he felt darkness consume his soul, grip his mind with a vise.  His screams filled the air with terror!

Suddenly, a ray of electrified light came down, penetrated the jail, and swallowed him whole!  His body and mind became light and each cell of his composition was stretched and filled in.


When he woke up next to his wife, his children were jumping on the bed.  Covered in sweat and stinking of hell ashes, he ran to his bedroom window:  Darkness and wretchedness had gone…

Light path through the dark forest_HD

He looked at his wife and kids, then understood that he needed to stop being selfish and thinking about how to bring down the government, others and their nonsense, he understood that following others means being self-centered and radical while praising his own ego in any situation…


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By thegodwithinblog

“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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