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BARNABY BROWN and The Baetylus Stones

“Barnaby senses a change in the world. He knows there is a
fight coming and he wants to be fully prepared. Today, his
mind is full of Darius Dent, which is why he is slouched in
front of the T.V.”

This is a review for “BARNABY BROWN and The Baetylus Stones.” Book 2 in the series.

Check out my review of the first book in the series. Barnaby Brown and The Time Machine.

This is a sci-fi, fantasy adventure of great measure. It is about time travel and about Good vs. Evil. It starts with action as soon as you start reading it, and you get the feeling that it’ll get more intense as you keep on reading. It is also about friendship and the growth of that friendship. Because, as I mentioned on my review of the first book, we have a normal teen and his high school friends here, a loving, single mother and a an uncle who builds a time machine. It all starts very normal and innocent.

BARNABY BROWN and The Baetylus Stones begins with terrible news for the main characters. Darius Dent is released from prison. If you haven’t read the first book yet, Darius Dent is the greedy antagonist, wealthy businessman, arms dealer, and now enemy of humankind. This begins a chains of events for young Barnaby and his friends. Darius seeks power, he wants to rule the world; and now, with the evil guidance of Lord Kallick, he aims to find The Baetylus Stones to become extremely powerful, unstoppable.

As you can imagine, the adventure can only get more intense from there. This story got me hooked from the start. I find it to be a fast-paced adventure full of twists and turns. You have also teen romance, as you witness Barnaby and Polly becoming a couple and sharing deep feelings towards each other. The imagination of the author is extremely refreshing and it gives me the feeling of freedom, and that is what great fantasy should give you, a great freedom to dream of the impossible, maybe to take a break from your life and recharge.

I give it a great 4 stars.

I would like to end this review by recommending this book. If you have gotten this far in the article, it means that you are interested. So, I ask you to find out more about the book and get your copy. Also please check out my books below. My young adult fantasy/mystery novel titled “BENJAMIN JONES – The Call of The Shaman has been released on KU, e-book, and paperback.

Please check out a sample chapter here Chat with a Necromancer.

Thanks for reading.


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“BENJAMIN JONES. The Call of The Shaman”:

Book reviews Poetry and prose from the heart. Stories to ponder.

Chat with a Necromancer.

Titled: “BENJAMIN JONES. The Call of The Shaman.” Here’s a sample of the story. I would really appreciate your opinions, thoughts, comments on it. As an artist, I learn much from this. For me, my craft is all about learning and becoming better and better, as in all other aspects in my life. Thanks!

So, Ben has begun his quest with two great friends. He has traveled much and discovered a world of magic and danger. He has discovered that he is a shaman and cursed. He is now for the first time meeting his greatest foe, Lord Furvusmortem.


The shape materialized out of the darkness, and it seemed like it had been part of such death of light all along. Soon, Ben became aware of the man who was walking towards him. Yes, there was no doubt. The man carried dark magic. He was himself powerful dark magic.

And he was the one Benjamin Jones had sensed so clearly since the train. Maybe he was connected somehow to this man. Perhaps the curse had something to do with it. Nothing was fantasy here. The phenomena he felt in his bones was indescribable, and yet so precise and real.

Once the man stood a few feet in front of him, under the bright light, Ben saw the face of the man who had been in that bar, or vision, or whatever it had really been. He was holding his fedora in one hand and the cigar in another. The swirly clouds of toxic smoke stung Ben’s throat. He drew back and coughed heavily.

The man saw this and snickered, then muttered disdainfully, “You’re weak.” After he sat on a stool by the bar, he looked at Ben, who was still affected by the smoke and coughing heavily. He put away his cigar. “Alright! Jesus. You can stop now. What do you want, boy??”

When the man picked up the mystical object from the counter, he seemed confused about it. He was attracted by its energy, like two opposite polarities. Suddenly, the man groaned and dropped the hare on the ground. It had burned him. But, even though the hare had been dropped, it did not break.

Ben stopped coughing. He was now glaring at the mysterious man. He was really feeling his rage. His hands were shaking. The man gave out some kind of ill scent and repulsive force. It rattled something inside Ben, and being a few feet away from this man was provoking him.

He was suddenly taken by his rage, and he couldn’t help but draw out his emotions in waves. There was a glint of furious light. And then his body was covered by pulses of magic which followed his rage. But, before Ben did anything, the man saw the tremendous energy about to burst off him.

Ben clearly had lost control, because the burst of energy would grow in a circle and destroy the place. The man quickly stepped aside and mumbled something only the spirits from the other side heard. Then there was a powerful swirl of winds around Ben.

This held the burst of energy in order to stop its growth. The man finally gave a hand clap and Ben was thrown backwards against a couple of chairs.

Then, unconcerned, the man went around the bar counter and served himself some Whiskey. “Take your time to calm down, boy,” he said with a warning in his voice.

As Ben got up, his hands started shaking again, his eyes consumed by fury, and he was preparing for a new attack. At this, the man rolled his eyes, placed his drink on the counter and said, “Oh, the stupidity of youth! I don’t wanna have to kill you, or your friends.”

Ben saw that he was moving his hands and creating two circles of fire. Somehow he also witnessed him in his mind’s eye murdering his friends, so he calmed down in order to find out who he was and how he could be stopped. He had to be stopped.

The man had now spirits of the dead about him. The hollows of their eyes where white and dead. Their bodies just long and obscure clouds of smoke. Head horns appeared to be just more of the toxic gas making their bodies.

This wraith activity would’ve frightened anybody, but Ben himself had crossed the paranormal already. And he already knew that nothing was what it seemed.

Ben had seen a ghoul like one of these on the train just before the derailment had occurred. And he had definitely felt them stalking his dreams as well. Night after night. Day after day. He had been always stalked by these dark forces within himself, and he always had fought to balance them.

And ghouls, these dark forces live right next to light forces within ourselves, do they not…?? This is our own personal struggle. And just like Ben, we must balance these forces before the darkness overtake us. The darkness exists in the world as our own inner projections. We all have them. So perhaps Ben is not the only one cursed here.

In balancing himself, Ben stepped back and the mysterious man stopped himself. The damned vanished as soon as the man whispered his command in the old language. This man seemed possessed when he did so, and Ben was beginning to understand who he might be. But he needed to be sure.

Ben studied his features really closely. He was dressed like a gentleman of high class. He looked confident, powerful, and with a certain poise. But there was cruelty and arrogance on his face. And he appeared to lead the ghouls, just like Ben did with the wolves.

Then, without more hesitation, Ben quizzed, “Are you The Necromancer of The Four Winds…??”

The man stopped drinking suddenly, pondered the question as if remembering, then replied, “Well, yes. But that sounds too cruel, Ben. And long. And pretentious. So, just call me Lord Furvusmortem. A king gave me that honor.”

Ben thought of that name. Furvusmortem. Were did I hear that…??, he repeated in his mind. He didn’t remember. But that name sure brought chills to his marrow.

“Doesn’t Furvusmortem mean Obscure Death??” Ben asked him while recalling his Latin studies’ class. A class he hated, by the way.

He thought about this, then said, “Well, yes. But it only sounds cruel and dreadful when you translate it into English,” he added amusingly serious. “Don’t judge me, boy. Unless you wanna end up like one of my monstra parvum.”

“You mean the ghouls I just saw…??” Ben had asked a question without really needing an answer. He knew what they were. He felt the morbid connection to the dead creatures already. “Why were they on the train…?? And why did they cause the accident??”

Lord Furvusmortem suddenly sent a chair rushing at Ben with just a single swipe of his hand! Ben’s knees were bent and he plumped down without even knowing. This man was surely more than what he seemed.

Then the man continued, “They were following you. You stink, boy! You know, because of the curse and all. And they caused the train’s derailment because they are just terrible imps without a soul. What did you think?!”

Ben was now filled with questions. About the curse. About this Furvusmortem guy. About the ghouls. About everything! He rushed, “Who are you?? Why are you here?? What do you want with me??” As he said this, he tried to get up from the chair but couldn’t. It was as if he were glued to it. “What is this?! Why can’t I get up?!” he groaned angrily.

Lord Furvusmortem held his cigar and looked at Ben with sickening mockery. “Look at you, boy. Jeez. You don’t even know who you are. Less who I am.” He stood up, finished his drink, and walked to him. “You know what, I will tell you the story. So, pay attention, or you’ll never know why you are destined to die by my hands.”

Once he moved another chair with the swipe of his hand and sat next to Ben, he continued, “This story goes beyond the legend of the wolf boy, which you have undoubtedly heard I’m sure. This story begins with The Sitchin Gods. They who came down from the heavens. They who were the origin of light and dark, of good and evil.” He stopped and continued smoking his cigar.

Ben’s face had become stiff, emotionless, not because he was afraid but because he was shocked by what Furvusmortem had said. ‘You are destined to die by my hands.’

What did he mean…?? Why did he want to kill him?? But still, Ben remained put. Not that he could move or go anywhere. He just listened and held back his anger. He needed to know more.

And so, well behind clouds of black smoke, Lord Furvusmortem’s stare seemed to pierce the boy’s soul. Then he said, “The gods settled in the lands of The Sumerians. And these ones prospered because of it. They built incredible cities, technologies, temples. They grew spiritually, scientifically, economically. The Sumerians became highly intelligent, so one of them started a rebellion. He was called Mancer, because he had learned the sacred magic of the spirits and the stars…

“He was a visionary and wanted to free the people from these so-called gods, because he knew that tyranny was coming. Some didn’t believe him. Too many had fallen under the Sitchin’s control. Until one night of rebellion he was captured, tortured, and cursed to a never-ending state of death. A necro state. Damned to walk the earth deathless, and lifeless, for eternity. Do you know how that feels, boy?? To be not here, and not there either. A sort of a saeva limbus. An oblivion.”

As he started to amble away from the light, Ben tried to wriggle himself free. But he did it carefully in order to not pull the chair and bring noise. He used his magic. He focused, cleared his mind and felt his energy cancel out the chair’s grip. But as he stood up, Lord Furvusmortem had already disappeared in the obscurity of the place.

All of a sudden, a furious growl echoed in the dining hall! The beast emerged from the shadows of the place. This creature seemed possessed. The beast was a rabid dog with teeth as sharp as knives, and of the size of a lion. Certainly the beast had been summoned from the same pits of hell.

He moved with demonic speed towards Ben. There had been no time to react, or even think. Almost instantly then, the beast had him pinned against the ground. Ben fought him, but it was useless. The eyes of the creature seemed cold and cruel, just like his master’s. But the dog soon felt the aura of the wolf boy. He was the leader of the pack after all. The dog knew that.

Benjamin Jones whispered to the rabid dog, then with a soft and tamed demeanor the large beast licked his face. The slobber was friendly but disgusting at first, but soon Ben was rubbing the tummy of his new friend who was just as docile as a baby rabbit. The dog’s tail went side to side joyfully.

Ben felt proud of himself. And there was a powerful awe in him as well. He had just transformed a most ferocious beast into a cuddly puppy. And, the best of all, he also felt the strong connection to the dog. He then recalled that dogs and wolves belonged to the same family. Obviously, Ben did so as well.

Now, from beyond the darkness the applause sounded with poise. “Magnificent. You are indeed the wolf boy. The reincarnation of the legend. Cursed by the same man who became The Necromancer of the Four Winds after he was also cursed.” As Lord Furvusmortem said this, his shape strutted out of the curtain of blackness.

Ben was now paying attention to the arrogant Lord of The Dead. “So, you were the man in the story…?? You are the mancer?? Cursed to walk with the dead. But what do you want from me?! I did not curse you,” Ben said.

He did not look amused anymore. His eyes turned colder, crueler. He suddenly stopped, looked at him sharply, then directed Ben’s view to a big mirror hanged upon the wall behind the counter. The surface looked now silvery and unstable, because it was moving, flowing like the waters of a river.

It quickly became obvious that the mirror was turning into some kind of portal or window, because lost in the silvery substance you could see demons almost drowning in it. Trapped maybe. Was this a vision of hell…?? Ben took a few steps back. The dog was now somewhere whimpering.

The lamenting and tormenting were being half muffled by the incessant sounds of the ardent flames devouring them like crispy wood. Why was the necromancer showing this to Ben…?? What was the point of all this??

There was another dimension there. Perhaps the underworld. He felt the connection. And, right then and there, Ben understood what he was destined to face. Did he even have a choice, or had it been made for him already??

Ben’s face was cringing, not out of fear but out of torture. He was somehow feeling what the poor souls felt. He was sensitive to their hellish plight. He wondered why they were there. He wondered if they’d be stuck there for eternity. Then a tear rolled down his face. But he knew he couldn’t do anything to help them.

While Ben was taken by this, the voice of Lord Furvusmortem came to him, “We are fated to each other. We are cursed. Good and evil, Benjamin.” As he said this, the portal to hell closed, the mirror shattered, and winds arose from the four points in the room.

This lasted for a few more seconds, then Lord Furvusmortem vanished in the shadows of the dining hall. His fedora, which had fallen on the floor, shook and quickly vanished. Then it all turned black, and the winds died down.


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Stories to ponder.

The ghastly story!

My full name is Asa Ezequiel Rodriguez (Asael is my entire first name; Hebrew name picked from somewhere within the Bible, meaning “God’s right hand”).  I used to be just like you, until a fatal accident changed my life entirely…

Are you ready for this true story…?!  If you are, grab your popcorn and cozy blanket, and perhaps that baby pacifier you use when nobody is looking.  This will become quite a ride as you read on!

One rainy night my parents and I were coming back home, when a heavily drunk asshole hit our Peugeot (that’s a car, for you Americans that do not know) and sent us all to the near Mar Del Plata’s main hospital (Mar Del Plata, Argentina, where I was born and raised).  I had been injured pretty badly, and actually much more than my parents; the ambulance couldn’t revive me as I was in a deep unconscious state, losing blood and seizing every five minutes.  Once there, the hospital team did everything they could to bring me back to life, but it was too late, for I was dead, gone from this physical plane.
 Several minutes later, I don’t know how or why (I just know that nothing that happens to us human beings is random, all has a purpose in life–even when we do not understand what’s happening) but I returned to life, and greatly changed (not just in physical function but in other aspects as well).
Now, I won’t tell you that while dead or unconscious without pulse I saw some brilliant light or angels or pearly gates swung open or anything like that.  Let your imagination fly.  There is not enough use of good imagination now-a-days, most people just watches reality TV shows where idiots fight over who’s going to use the toilet next and over who used all the toilet paper.  It’s pitiful.
After that, to make it shorter, I acquired certain talents or “conscious endowments.”  And in the course of many months, I encountered great abilities head-on (granted they weren’t strong yet, but in firm transition or conscious evolution).  My parents, of course, weren’t told anything because they would not have understood (you know, religious parents, or “normal-by-this-society” parents).  And at the same time, I needed more time for myself and “to find me” (because I had gotten lost at the shopping mall when I went to buy some underwear).  Put it simply, I wanted a job where I could meet great experiences, develop great wisdom in those extraordinary lessons from life itself, so I went in search for one.
So, after months’ search for the right one for me, Mr. Hernandez–a Psychic Investigator and a nice man–gave me the opportunity to earn some cash (some pesos), and I joined his ‘Mar Del Retards Paranormal’ agency as an apprentice.  (Needless to say, I think he had confused me with a retard, but, to be honest, when I went to my job interview I was loaded with the Novocaine my dentist had pumped in my mouth that morning, so, of course, I was drooling like a river was flowing out of my mouth and I couldn’t talk well; but, on the other hand, that incident did help me get the job, so all worked out great for me.)
Mr. Hernandez had gotten a call from the police dept. to go check out a “especial case for Paranormal Retards”, or a possible murder lead from an “unknown source”.  This would be my first case.  Although, this time I had stayed at the office because I had needed to use the bathroom very badly, and also because the OfficeMart truck was suppose to deliver a couch and Mr. Hernandez had wanted me to be there to receive it.
The delivery truck was pulling over up front by the sidewalk.  You could see the giant display of colors and the words ‘OfficeMart makes it easier to rob your place if you’re not home’ (or some better translation of it from Spanish verbose) printed on the side of it.
Let me now introduce you to the nitty-gritty of the first case which I call…

Booooohh… gives me chills just to think about it…  “The Vampire’s Slaughterhouse!”

When Mr. Hernandez came back, we both went to take a look at this ominous house of old-looking existence.  To the cellar, where our retarded intuition took us.  Once there, my mind was racing.  I told myself to calm the fuck down, hold on tight to the three pounds of garlic to scare any vampires, and concentrate!  Even having this conscious energy inside of me and this knowledge I had acquired of the supernatural wasn’t enough.  I could feel my heart pounding, my hands sweating, while forcing my legs to keep marching to that cellar.  And the worst, the smell was getting to me, revolting my stomach.  See, I hadn’t shower in a month.
Then I realized night would soon come, and darkness was the perfect playground for any creature or demon.  I had to pay attention to signs and sensations, having my surroundings in check at all times, looking for anything with even a teeny tiny presence.  Finally we arrived to the cellar–old and partially cracked wood, a few paint scrapings on the doors, vampire vomit all over, and the room smelled like vampires had farted.  Very common, I thought.
After we opened wide the heavy doors, we climbed down the stairs…
The first few steps we took were lit by the natural light from the outside (it wasn’t completely dark out yet), then we had to look for the switch to turn on the light as it was getting obscurer.  Shit!-–  The lights then turned on at the same time, it looked like lightning–a couple of flashes and flickers and then they settled.  I noticed it was a large cellar, a lot of red and green blood, and also pee in storage (I had learned these creatures of the night drank the pee of their victims as well, as some kind of ritual), and some boxes containing stuffed Teddy bears on the sides.  Did they also sell stuffed bears on the black market…?!  Ghastly!  Macabre!
A lot of twists and turns.  A few rooms at the end, shelves with old and dusty magazines–a lot of vampire’s gay pornography.  Everything seemed storage and junk.  Suddenly, I tripped over a pile of bras and panties!  These bastards also kept them from their victims as souvenirs.  Sick Fucks!, I thought.
I couldn’t help but thinking that Demonitus could be part of this!  He is a demon I found in the list of popular demons. And what do demons do?—torture and scare people!  Good people!
(Oh, by the way, Demonitus had also been the first demon I had seen when I was dead in the hospital; however, back then I had no idea of what it was exactly–a product of my imagination, the memory of a horror movie, a subconscious fear of death itself…??  And then it had appeared next to the coffin of my dead friend.  But the real shock for me was that he was fat and carried a big fork around–always thought that demons were fit or at least slim, because the spiritual body tends to have no need for physical food, and thus no need for a big fork either).

‘Demonitus’. The suspected perpetrator. Have you seen this rascal?
And as I kept onward, seconds later, the lights of this section of the cellar went off too leaving us in total darkness!  I tried to turn the switch back on  but it was all riddled with vomit, and it felt like some force was holding the light switch in one position!  I tried and tried, and at one point I thought my fingers were about to be broken–the darn thing appeared to be rock!  Oh mamma!–  The air around me turned cold and heavy!  Everywhere I looked was pitch black!  My mind started playing tricks on me.  I felt a swift touch on my shoulder– “Mr. Hernandez, did you touch me?!  I–I’m not gay, dude.”
My confused mind started then coming up with all these frightening images and odd sensations of pure dread that gotten worse as he didn’t answer. “…Mr.–”  I swallowed nervously,  “Mr. Hernandez, did you–”  Jesus!–  Again.  Someone was definitely in the room!  Shit–  Who was touching my shoulder, again?  I spun halfway.  My stance had been rooted to the ground, my feet firm as a rock.  But as I turned around I lost my balance, snatched the air trying to get a grip on something, then, SLAAMM!– I dropped down like a bag of potatoes!
‘An eerie someone!’  It all seemed spooky and odd.  I noticed I had fallen on top of something, and this something felt like a fat pig.  “Mr. Hernan–”  Couldn’t finish my thought.  What had happened to him?  Something had happened to him, something that had occurred in the split of a second.  I then tried to remember a noise or something which could have hinted me of his fall, but all had taken place so fast.  I was in the dark, confused, overwhelmed, nervous.  This ‘eerie someone’ obviously did not want me to be down here–that much I knew at the moment.
I drummed a few on his face.  “Mr. Hernandez, are you okay?  Are you okay, Mr. Hernandez? …  ARE YOU OKAY, YOU FAT PIG?!”  I almost lost my marbles.  After he squinted a few times and shielded his eyes from the strong light, he came to.  By now, the room really smelled of vomit and farts.  Not good for my allergies.  Hard to breathe as well.
“What–What happened,” he drawled weakly.  He then eyed me disoriented as he sat up.
“Are you okay?”  I repeated.  Christ!–  “You have red lipstick kisses all over your face!  Did the demon kiss you?!”  …But you’re a fat pig; how can anyone wanna kiss you…??’  I thought to myself.
“I–I don’t remember…” he started, “I fell. I must have fainted.”  He felt uneasy and odd, which worried me so.  His eyes looked lost like a puppy’s, and his facial expression painful and awkward.
“What happened to you?”  I pointed at the blood stain.  “You are bleeding.”  I took a better look at the area.  The wounded are was close to his neck.  And as I checked nearer, I found very tiny marks not too deep into the muscle–this is where my knowledge of anatomy paid off.  They were one above the other, they weren’t life-threatening or anything like that.
But how–??  What–??  Can’t it be possible..??   As I studied the odd marks I also noticed their pattern, and they looked like needles.  Honestly, I didn’t know what to make of it. What would I tell him?  What was I suppose to say?–  Someone had tried to had his way with him?  A large group of ghostly ticks in love with his neck, perhaps? …

However, reader, I cannot tell you more, too scary for you.

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Poetry and prose from the heart.

Love, magic, and the immortal warrior.


“Love, magic, and the immortal warrior”




My kingdom lost and buried,

My heart and mind poison carried;

So I dared follow the lonely path,

The violent and destructive inner wrath.

In times where magic had taken all possession,

Family, friends, wise teachers and all connection,

In my life there was not any hint of hope or light,

Or even a romantic and noble poem I could recite.


In my madness I was blind for needed I to make him fall,

My feet hurt, my mind exhausted, but he would pay for all;

And then it happened for a vision of perfection my eyes beheld,

She upon a tree smiled and my heart was instantly compelled.

My wrath quelled for a time because there was magic in the moment;

Her voice, her beauty, her aura, she connected with my torment.




I was a wretch swallowed and haunted by violent visions of the past,

She saw it in my eyes, in my broken spirit, and she didn’t need to ask.

The connection between us grew, we engaged in conversation for hours,

She became my partner and she, to my surprise, held great powers;

I needed her love and her aid in such quest so we were one and the same,

We shared personal experiences, made meaningful love, expanded the flame.

Then I learned deeply her ways of hating the same evil-spirited foe,

Her family and village utterly ravished under his dark magic and twisted law.




Once we planned and analyzed with precision our steps to follow,

We ready were to attack, we penetrated the fortress and his hollow;

However, powerful light and dark forces, great magic met,

His dark soul was ready to conquer us and we fought a real threat.

Yes, we almost died, I was beaten badly and she severely wounded;

But light and love finally won, hell took him, and it concluded.




I took her swiftly into the woods and treated her wounds with deep love,

Aloe and guava leaves, she was cured, angels sang to my ears from above;

Then we ate and got merry because we remained together,

For ever and ever, warriors in love, Sir Alketas and His Lady Saether.

                                              I WAS IMMORTAL NOW.



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