Poetry and prose from the heart.

Love, magic, and the immortal warrior.

In my life there was not any hint of hope or light,
Or even a romantic and noble poem I could recite.


“Love, magic, and the immortal warrior”




My kingdom lost and buried,

My heart and mind poison carried;

So I dared follow the lonely path,

The violent and destructive inner wrath.

In times where magic had taken all possession,

Family, friends, wise teachers and all connection,

In my life there was not any hint of hope or light,

Or even a romantic and noble poem I could recite.


In my madness I was blind for needed I to make him fall,

My feet hurt, my mind exhausted, but he would pay for all;

And then it happened for a vision of perfection my eyes beheld,

She upon a tree smiled and my heart was instantly compelled.

My wrath quelled for a time because there was magic in the moment;

Her voice, her beauty, her aura, she connected with my torment.




I was a wretch swallowed and haunted by violent visions of the past,

She saw it in my eyes, in my broken spirit, and she didn’t need to ask.

The connection between us grew, we engaged in conversation for hours,

She became my partner and she, to my surprise, held great powers;

I needed her love and her aid in such quest so we were one and the same,

We shared personal experiences, made meaningful love, expanded the flame.

Then I learned deeply her ways of hating the same evil-spirited foe,

Her family and village utterly ravished under his dark magic and twisted law.




Once we planned and analyzed with precision our steps to follow,

We ready were to attack, we penetrated the fortress and his hollow;

However, powerful light and dark forces, great magic met,

His dark soul was ready to conquer us and we fought a real threat.

Yes, we almost died, I was beaten badly and she severely wounded;

But light and love finally won, hell took him, and it concluded.




I took her swiftly into the woods and treated her wounds with deep love,

Aloe and guava leaves, she was cured, angels sang to my ears from above;

Then we ate and got merry because we remained together,

For ever and ever, warriors in love, Sir Alketas and His Lady Saether.

                                              I WAS IMMORTAL NOW.



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By thegodwithinblog

“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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