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What is the essence, the core, the reason which makes things enjoyable…??  And I am not talking about the best things in life or the most expensive, but I am talking about the things of every day–things like your own body, your bed at night, your family relationship, your clothing, your bite of food, your small or large faith, etc.

All this and more is what makes life possible to enjoy, the little things which are not truly so little; for our minds get used to them and may describe them to us as not so important, but in a closer look they are extremely important for our well-being.

All it takes is gratitude, recognition, realizing that these and all everyday things are giving us the chance to be capable to better enjoy our lives.  Human creatures are blind and stubborn at times, they see what they do not like in things and forget the necessity of these same things.




To be awakened, to see the truth and heart of life is to keep every second with gratitude and contentment for what you currently have; for this is reality, the acceptance of love in you, the developing capacity for gratitude.

I am not talking about prayer as religions teach it, or any god or saint worship.  No, personally, my love and gratitude is much more real than that.  I am talking about living every second of life without complaining, without envying what others have, without disliking your current life as it is.

A gratitude in your heart is all that matters to bring acceptance and love into your mind, so you may feel strong and decided to live your life with challenges and all.




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