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Out of the rut.

You are defined by what you empower. This blog talks about the strengthening of your persona as you deal with anxieties and frustrations.

I usually encounter people who talk a lot about their illness or problems, like anxiety, like OCD, like anger issues, like frustrations, etc. etc. They go on and on trying to get attention and pity from others. Specially social media is plagued by people venting their illnesses, problems, frustrations. But, unbeknownst to them, they are making their issues and frustrations more powerful; for the attention you give to thoughts makes them even stronger and assimilated by your entire biological system.

Assimilated by your entire biological system means that these thoughts of frustration and negativity become powerful feelings, and these feelings become your experience in life–i.e., your whole identity, or how you experience yourself. But, on the other hand, if you were to empower your positive traits, your talents, your dreams, your strengths, then you would become free and you would feel capable of being love and happiness.

With this, I am not saying you are not going through a rough patch, or that your traumas are fake; but I am saying that you should think and talk about your positives, to empower yourself, to not live tied to misery, and to not feel trapped and doomed. You define yourself by this. Your true identity is discovered only if you have courage to detach from the negative. Life is about self-discovery. You are life. I talk about this in my books very clearly, with many examples to help you understand this and thus change your mindset and behavior. Because I am all about this.


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REVIEW OF MY BOOKS: “I really loved the depth of your approach, specially because sometimes I struggle with low self-esteem and that gets into my relationship with my new wife.  Thanks for helping us become aware of all these things.  Much love to you and yours.”

REVIEW OF MY BOOKS: “It allowed me to see another explanation of love..with a touch of humor i was able to find a sensible place to kick back to enjoy knowing I have always been Loved!!  YOUR advice is like finding a treasure. Thank you so much sharing!”

“I ALWAYS LOVED YOU.” A book about love and relationships.

“LEAVING THE HERD” (part 1). A book about self-esteem and individuality.

“LEAVING THE HERD” (part 2). A book about enlightenment and the renaissance of the leader in you.

By thegodwithinblog

“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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