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Beyond 1,000 Sorrows.




So, pain, suffering, challenges, any traumas we may carry, are important in the formation of our character.  You forge steel by extreme heat, and the same is with our characters–we must explore our pain to rise up and forge ourselves to be steel, to learn and be stronger in life.

But, even so, many people get addictive to pain, to their own traumas, to their own chaos lived in the past; in a sense, they are unconsciously choosing their own fate, how they feel and how they will experience their lives based on their addiction to their own pain.

This is getting lost in your pain, and this is why people live in their nightmares and feel depressed, or feel worthless, or feel neglect, or feel a void deep inside.  Be honest with yourself:  Is it rational to make your pain, your hurt, your troubles, your whole life and the way you feel…??

To reach healing, to prosper in all aspects, to truly feel happy and with opportunities to create a better life for yourself you must not drown in your sorrows; but you must see that your pain is to be cherished and felt as a source of energy you can turn into strength to move on and create beauty from it.

What you seek in life is not found in your pain, but it is indeed found using your pain as energy to be positive and create better things for yourself.  Drowning in your sorrows is an unconscious addiction and obsession which is not healthy in your life; so you must let it go.





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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Darkest Magic.


What is fear for you…??  Do you allow it to rule over your daily thinking…??  How do you personally deal with it…??

Fear is a concoction of the mind, like time, like pleasure, like pain, like sadness, like feeling worthless and alone; albeit very real to us, often necessary all of them, but only as real as we allow them to be.  The mind is your world, everything you experience daily is indeed your mind.  Now, the mind can be your greatest ally or your most cruel enemy; fear can consume you slowly and destroy you or it can help you see your truest potential in life and make you stronger and wiser. 
If fear becomes an addiction though and it is always summoned in your mind as images of what might happen, sadly your entire body will feel its low and crippling vibrations, and instead of learning and becoming better you will sink into depression and feel inadequate at various levels–perhaps even suicide might creep in the mind.  So, can you see how the production and lingering of fear can kill you emotionally, and even lead you to physical death…??

And for fear overthinking is the strength, because when you overthink something you are most of the time imagining with your intellect (your ego); thus fear and overthinking are allies, this is the ego ruling you at its maximum–from here you beget anger, jealousy, all violence against yourself and others, all prejudice, lack of confidence, competition in all aspects, and so and so forth.  Do you see yourself that fear gives rise to all these and more in your mind…?? 

And either fear or love can exist in your mind, not both at the same time.  This is the duality with which we live and with which we struggle every day.  Only the truly self-aware, at all times, individual has love in mind and so vanishes fear.  When fear seems to emerge, the self-aware individual recognizes it immediately and stops his mind from following these pernicious thoughts; and so, by this process he automatically expels fear and invites the strength that love brings into his mind–i.e., there is no overthinking in his mind at this point.  Without fear, the self-aware individual sees the world different, more colorful and positive, full of greater possibilities and less threats; and he becomes a magnet for better things because love is ruling in him, thus love vibrations emanate out into the world his greater capacities and attractive character.


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