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Beyond 1,000 Sorrows.




So, pain, suffering, challenges, any traumas we may carry, are important in the formation of our character.  You forge steel by extreme heat, and the same is with our characters–we must explore our pain to rise up and forge ourselves to be steel, to learn and be stronger in life.

But, even so, many people get addictive to pain, to their own traumas, to their own chaos lived in the past; in a sense, they are unconsciously choosing their own fate, how they feel and how they will experience their lives based on their addiction to their own pain.

This is getting lost in your pain, and this is why people live in their nightmares and feel depressed, or feel worthless, or feel neglect, or feel a void deep inside.  Be honest with yourself:  Is it rational to make your pain, your hurt, your troubles, your whole life and the way you feel…??

To reach healing, to prosper in all aspects, to truly feel happy and with opportunities to create a better life for yourself you must not drown in your sorrows; but you must see that your pain is to be cherished and felt as a source of energy you can turn into strength to move on and create beauty from it.

What you seek in life is not found in your pain, but it is indeed found using your pain as energy to be positive and create better things for yourself.  Drowning in your sorrows is an unconscious addiction and obsession which is not healthy in your life; so you must let it go.





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The Way I must Go.


It can be frustrating and daunting to make up one’s mind amidst important life decisions, and it can be truly difficult when drowning in one’s sorrow and confusion in such moments; however, one must remind oneself that no matter how difficult the situation there is always a way to see light and get rid of anxiety.

It is one’s mind the one which gets clouded and confused, drowning in situations and claiming that there is no solution; so, it is one’s mind then the one to be explored and pacified, so that we may become harmony and clarity to create better experiences even in the midst of sorrows and challenges.

“The way I must go”

I met in life situations of thick mud
And I felt lost, filled with deep rage,
Going nowhere, stuck and sad.
Was there in my life another page…??

So I made mistakes quite often,
Paid dearly for each one of those;
But the very falls I tried to soften,
Still my blind mind was full of woes.

But in truth mud is water and dirt,
All nature to help the flower grow;
However I be stubborn and curt,
It is past my ego the way I must go.

I shall be remembering this memory,
Ages and ages to come in my path;
The lessons gave me always energy,
Even though I suffered them a lot.





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