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About that great drive…

Development of a great purpose

You know, one thing about purpose is that is a requirement in life, especially the older you get you realize it more and more. Having a purpose is something that creates real passion in you, and also great motivation that is born from you without the approval from the people/society around you.

As you all know, my greatest purpose is the constant development of my writing and creativity. But I admit it is a challenge for me. I sometimes get so immersed in the story and in the purpose driving the characters that I deviate from the plot, or branch out from the plot altogether.

So, I usually have to go back, even re-edit what I’ve written, fix the scenes, and then describe the new events to attract the reader. It might sound funny, but it happens in our lives, when we get so excited or overjoyed with something that we have to stop ourselves and look back to where we are going.

How to treat a great purpose

Many of you won’t understand this, perhaps, but it is extremely important to be patient and pay attention to detail when following a purpose. Let’s say, a relationship, for example: It takes time and dedication.

Maybe we have to fix what we did and change our attitude towards such and such. Because love, poured onto any purpose of great value to you, must be treated with love, kindness, and great patience for it to bloom like the most beautiful flower and give us that sense of great meaning in our lives.


Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder.

Squashing self-doubt

Breaking barriers

Sometimes people think that it cannot be done, because others haven’t achieved it in the past, or because it doesn’t exist yet. But I personally like to push boundaries. I create my own style, in my writing, in the fitness of my mind and body, and in life in general.

This gives me great power and freedom. Because life is entirely about breaking barriers. Besides, isn’t life about discovering yourself?? You cannot truly discover who you are, and what you can become, if you have mental limitations or fears that control the way you act, think and feel.

Develop your creativity

Be grateful for what you have, and for what you have lived, of course. But do not stop there. Make sure you are always pushing yourself, learning more, opening your mind to more.

The greatest tool to develop is creativity, because this expands your mind–regarding empathy, self-awareness, an easy-going attitude, the capacity to see solutions and create new paths in your life. So, always squash self-doubt by pushing yourself and just doing always more of what leads you to be better and create better.


Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Give your best

Seek that feeling of accomplishment

Push yourself to give your best. Make sure at the end of the day, as you go to sleep, that you feel proud of the work you did. Life is really about nurturing this feeling. It took me a long time to truly understand this, but it is real because all that really matters is how you feel about your work.

Knowing that you are giving your best in your creative process, in your career, in your job, in your relationship, and in whatever it is. Even if things do not go as you planned, just having that safety and accomplished feeling inside you knowing that you did your best. This is what we all want.

Just do your best and let the rest go

So, please, do not let yourself be troubled if life is tough right now, or if nothing seems to be working at the moment. Keep pushing, but do it always giving your best and knowing that you are confident in yourself. Let all overthinking, overanalyzing and judging go.

Don’t allow yourself to be full of doubts and fears, just make sure you are certain you did your best. Doing your best builds a strong character. Doing your best speaks of your self-discipline and professionalism. And this, with patience, leads to great life success in general.