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Recognizing the illusion

Why is it that most of us find value in not letting go??  Most of us feel that letting go somehow makes us selfish, disloyal, isolated from others who do not desire to let go either.  Most of us, I’ve found, live in this illusion where attachment is real love. 


This is not progressive.  This is not spiritual.  This is not moral.  Because love has nothing to do with the pettiness of attachment, neediness, hatred of change.  It is the main reason I wrote this book, because life is about observing yourself and your own attachment.  

That’s the only way to any true progress.

Please read a sample below:

The Work

This work is about the individual and the creation of greater self-awareness. Self-awareness is what is required to live a better life. A life of success. A life of self-development. We focus on the existential chaos of the person. What ails the mind…?? What is the solution…?? And from then, we enlighten ourselves…


Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder.

Squashing self-doubt

Breaking barriers

Sometimes people think that it cannot be done, because others haven’t achieved it in the past, or because it doesn’t exist yet. But I personally like to push boundaries. I create my own style, in my writing, in the fitness of my mind and body, and in life in general.

This gives me great power and freedom. Because life is entirely about breaking barriers. Besides, isn’t life about discovering yourself?? You cannot truly discover who you are, and what you can become, if you have mental limitations or fears that control the way you act, think and feel.

Develop your creativity

Be grateful for what you have, and for what you have lived, of course. But do not stop there. Make sure you are always pushing yourself, learning more, opening your mind to more.

The greatest tool to develop is creativity, because this expands your mind–regarding empathy, self-awareness, an easy-going attitude, the capacity to see solutions and create new paths in your life. So, always squash self-doubt by pushing yourself and just doing always more of what leads you to be better and create better.


Business mind. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The greatest discovery

Burdens of the past

In order to fly and go after your heart’s desire you have to let go of what’s weighing you down. When you carry the burdens of the past you then are unable to see your own worth.

And when this happens you cannot move forward and find the freedom to envision a better life for yourself. You, like everybody else, seek to be loved, cherished, accepted for who you are. Moving forward without burdens is what will make you unique to others.

To know you now

Being accepted and truly loved by others, can only be acomplished when you are truly yourself, which means letting go of what was. Because to be yourself is to know yourself in the present, not in the past.

Holding on to the past, even a little, is holding you back and blinding you from discovering who you really are in the present, and also from who you can become.


Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Success requires this…

Any good relationship in life, no matter which kind it is, requires that we let go of pride and ego. Any success comes because we are able to look within ourselves, stop the judgmental voices, and then project ourselves in the mind of the other person. No matter how irrational we might think the other person is being we can always try to understand his or her side, and we do this by letting go from the attachment to our side, to our opinions, to our beliefs of how things should be.

Now, forgiveness requires courage, uniqueness, and a person who is willing to let go and move on, relaxed and easygoing. And so, forgiveness is the trait of the better person. The better person is the one who seeks great success in relationships and in life in general. Forgiveness is about you and your inner power to let go of pride and ego. And when you find that inner power, then you become happier, more attractive, and more able to love yourself and others.

And if you are into the ‘Harry Potter’, and also the ‘Percy Jackson’ novels, then you’ll enjoy this series about gods, demons, magic, and self-discovery.

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