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Meaning of ‘I love you’…

I love you…??

Just because I say ‘I love you’ does not mean it so. Sometimes it means ‘I admire you’. Sometimes it means ‘You intrigue me’. Sometimes it just means ‘I feel a connection to you and I want to explore it.’

Love, true and pure love, is extremely rare now-a-days; and it’s a long process that, through time and through patience, inspires me, and inspires you. I must get to know you well first. You must break down your walls and your pretentions with me.

But what is beyond it..??

And it is in the psychological and emotional safety we feel, because this must be total freedom from anxiety, freedom from fear to ever fail ourselves. Forget “falling in love”. Forget “trying to make it work”.

Mature love is such: ‘A sacred process of exploration of my Self through you, and through your openness with me.’ ‘A process of exploration of your Self through me, and through my openess with you.’ Nothing more. Nothing less.