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What is a desire??

So I desire you, but beyond desire.

This longing. This need. This urge. This impulse. This passion that burns in me. It can be blinding. It can distort my reality and make me selfish.

It is a burden on my day. A constant itch that makes me impatient. A thing in my mind which makes me attached to what is not mine.

So, I analyze the sweltering passion in this desire. So, I become the watcher of my longing. What is it?? The surface. The smoothness and ruggedness of the thought material.

The muse of my dreams and nightmares. And the muse is beautiful, like a perfect scented flower. And the muse is deceitful, like a controlling lover.

But beyond my desire’s surface I find its very material, its core, its love’s essence. Why do I love it?? Why do I want it so?? It speaks to me. But only when I discover it.

This essence I love, I cannot live without, is the ocean of my existence. And I am my existence, am I not?? I’ve discovered my own existence, which my mind chooses to call desire when it points to you.

So I desire you, but beyond desire.

Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Growing true love

What true love is

The truth is that true love is not shown in the gifts, in the grand gestures, in the poetic and passionate words. I have nothing against these popular displays of affection, but true love lies in the mindset, in the empathy, in the time and effort put into the simple things.

Giving your time, listening, trying to understand and feel what someone else feels, comforting someone in need, hugging and sharing uplifting words, guiding someone to see their own worth in difficult times for that person. This is what true love is.

In the simple things

So, if you put your time, your effort, your energy into the opposite, into the gifts and grand gestures, then you are really going the opposite direction of love.

You are creating excitement, passion, a burning desire; however, love is not there. Love lies only in the simple, heartfelt things; and that is every day, faithfully, and not just in the moments of passion when everyting seems perfect.