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Visualization first

The Cradle of Creativity

Visualization is the process of great creativity. Of course, it is extremely powerful when we are children. But, as most of us age, we forget about it and replace it with intellectuality. But an increase in intellectuality lowers intelligence and visualization. So, truly, if a man desires to get somewhere in life, he must envision where exactly.

If we seek something, we must take the time and mentally focus to envision what it is we seek. The first step to get something we want, something we feel passionate about, is to envision it in our minds. And if you want something but you can’t envision it, then first learn about it and study what you really want.

Determination and commitment, that strong, inner drive to pursue something important to us, increases when we can actually see and experience prior to taking the necessary steps. That is why I became an Indie author. And that is why I came up with the unique and very original Dark Fantasy series.

“I found myself completely invested in the characters. Perhaps the most compelling thing for me is how I can connect emotionally with the character’s very plight. You got to read this story!”  ~ Marlow Reads.

“A great book. Fellowship, ghouls and the quest to find one’s true self. I can’t wait to read Author Asa Rodriguez other books in the series. An indie author to follow!!”  ~ TC Lovejoy.

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An inspired & motivated mind.

The strength to keep ourselves positive. The motivation to keep going even in the face of difficulties. The inspiration to lift ourselves and keep on dreaming and pursuing those dreams. Where do you get it?? What do you do to feel this accomplished in life??

I find that most of the time it is just there. The inspiration is just waiting to be discovered. In the little things, like in a pet, like in a song, like in a walk through the park, like in our family, like in happy memories. While the mind is concerned with the negative happening in our lives, we have anxiety and we miss the little things in life. While the mind is focused on winning and on being better, we bring tension into ourselves.

As a writer, it can get hectic and difficult to find motivation and inspiration, and even to find the time to write and give my undivided attention to what I’m creating. But so is life. The richness lies in these challenges of the day-to-day. And if we can remind ourselves of that, then we may just stop overthinking, step back and relax; then perhaps focus on the motivation and inspiration needed to continue and feel great while doing it.

All my books are about the magic of self-discovery, and the struggle we all face to find ourselves. Benjamin Jones is an orphan boy who is going through just that. And he will find out how much more he really is.

If you are into the ‘Harry Potter’, and also the ‘Percy Jackson’ novels, then you’ll enjoy this series about gods, demons, magic, and self-discovery.

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