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Great ideas


Ideas are all around us. What is that mean…?? Well, ideas are thoughts that build, that create, that inspire, that help you connect to yourself and to the world at some level. You can choose to use that idea however you like. But the greatest ideas bring inspiration to create and unite.

A new recipe. A plot twist. Some creative thought to connect more with your loved ones. Some revelation to ease and relax your anxious mind. So, coming to it, they’re all around us because you can get ideas from your own life–from walking outside, from watching a movie, from reading a book, from a conversation with a family member, etc.

Manifesting ideas

As an author, I understand ideas. After all, no human being could function without ideas (thoughts). But, to create great ideas (inspiring ideas), I must nourish them. I nourish them by having good discipline. By thinking positively. By remaining hopeful.

By acting good towards myself, which means by having habits of health daily. And, as I mentioned, by listening, observing, interacting with all that’s around me. I can’t expect to just sit down and become flooded by good and inspiring ideas.

I must go and create them myself, not wait for some miracle or magic event from the heavens. As an author, for example, I know that Writer’s Block only comes to the ones who sit down and just expect great ideas to appear magically. But, to the ones who take everything they experience around them and use it for inspiration, Writer’s Block is a primitive and nonexistent belief. So, create ideas at all times, observe and learn.


By thegodwithinblog

“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

2 replies on “Great ideas”

I do love and agree with this, but there is a poignant quote about writing, “the skilled poet will not reproduce whatever his eye happens to light on; he will select and refine, fixing his attention not on the atypical and incidental, but the symbolic and essential.”

I think this issue, for more experienced writers, is what can sometimes halt the writing process. Not that no words aren’t coming, but they might not be, in a self critical eye, worthy of penning down.

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Very true. And there must be self-study to create great art. We observe the world around us, then absorb the poetry and create something personal and symbolic to us, then write it down. Now, let us all be worthy. Because to be worthy is born from courage, and that is the courage of self-study, the courage to explore the poetry and ideas one has absorbed from the world. Without this courage, there cannot exist a great artist. Thanks for your comment.

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