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So, are you reading yet??

And what is it about a great book, or about the right book??

-It’s the emotional connection when you read, just knowing the characters, or the author, feel like you do.

-It’s the message hidden in each event you read, such which brings you insights and reminders regarding your own life.

-It’s the motivating journey similar to the journey in your life, which motivates you and inspires you.

-It’s the fact that it brings you a deeper understanding of life, one where there are less limitations, one where you can aspire to something even greater than your current situation.

-It’s the break it gives you from the hardships and injustices in your life, where your brain can rewire itself and strengthen itself.

It’s the great expansion of your imagination as you read, the greater knowledge and insights, beliefs and opinions changing your subconscious and maybe altering your old programming.

So, are you reading yet??