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The Dance of Love.


Just jump.  Don’t think…


An angel is someone who even before loss and despair keeps the heart open, someone who faces life with a smile and with a positive attitude.

The whole world can come down in pieces, all can be lost; but, still, the hurt and the trauma, the demons and the abyss, is just the mere shadow of fear.


To worship all that you are

An angel knocks at my heart’s door,
Even her knocking humbles me,
Even my pain dissipates as I get close to you.
The passion feels sweet as sugar,
The tender beauty begins my tears,
You hug me and the anger is gone,
You kiss me and I fly with wings of love.
“Why is it that I can fly now…??” I ask you.
“My kiss has melted all your weights,
All your anger has transformed,” you say.
So now I am the angel because I love you,
And because I transformed all my pain;
Thus I fly to a secret sky and I carry you.
Yes, I carry you in my lips as I’m drunk,
And I never been more drunk before.
And to know this, to have you in me,
To taste you, to worship all that you are,
Without ignoring your humbling beauty,
Is to fly with no pain, for you are my angel.




And remember:  When truly loving, just give, and dance with the feeling.  Don’t try to analyze the affections of another towards you.   Don’t let your mind interfere and ruin it.  Just dance with it



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The Samurai and The Zen Master.

One day a samurai came to Zen Master Hakuin and asked, “Where is paradise…??  Where is hell…??  And where are the gates of heaven and hell..??”  The Zen Master looked a bit surprised, then asked, “Who are you??”  Then the samurai proudly replied, “I am the leader of samurais and the Emperor pays tribute to my greatness.”  Hakuin laughed and said, “Are you really the leader of samurais…??  You look like some poor ragamuffin!”

The samurai’s pride was hurt.  He forgot why he had come in the first place, whipped out his sword and was going to kill Hakuin.  Then Hakuin laughed again and said, “This is the gate of hell.  With a sword, being in anger, with your ego you will open it. ” The samurai realized that idea, calmed down and sheathed back his sword.  Hakuin continued, “And now, when you calm down, you open the gate of heaven.”


Your mind is the playground of demons and angels, the birth of heaven and hell, the origin of duality; and this is your very humanity screaming and pulling you to one extreme of the pole or to the other.  And thoughts are your masters when you are asleep (when the human mind is in a mediocre state).  And thoughts become your servants when you are awake (when the human mind has been lit by divinity and wisdom).  One must see that thoughts do not have a reality of their own until you give them one, they remain part of you as your children–children you must watch and raise properly.

It is important you wake up to this and see that the thoughts you are having now must not become your masters and overwhelm you; but see, observe, meditate over each thought, raise your child properly, and discover that you must mature yourself over them.  You must become a light unto each thought you choose, so you can create your feelings, own your behaviors, build your path with wisdom and truth instead of immaturity and lies.


“We are addicted to our thoughts. We cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking.”  ~ Santosh Kalwar; software engineer, entrepreneur, philosopher, and poet.


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