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The Dance of Love.

When truly loving, just give, and dance with the feeling. Don’t…


Just jump.  Don’t think…


An angel is someone who even before loss and despair keeps the heart open, someone who faces life with a smile and with a positive attitude.

The whole world can come down in pieces, all can be lost; but, still, the hurt and the trauma, the demons and the abyss, is just the mere shadow of fear.


To worship all that you are

An angel knocks at my heart’s door,
Even her knocking humbles me,
Even my pain dissipates as I get close to you.
The passion feels sweet as sugar,
The tender beauty begins my tears,
You hug me and the anger is gone,
You kiss me and I fly with wings of love.
“Why is it that I can fly now…??” I ask you.
“My kiss has melted all your weights,
All your anger has transformed,” you say.
So now I am the angel because I love you,
And because I transformed all my pain;
Thus I fly to a secret sky and I carry you.
Yes, I carry you in my lips as I’m drunk,
And I never been more drunk before.
And to know this, to have you in me,
To taste you, to worship all that you are,
Without ignoring your humbling beauty,
Is to fly with no pain, for you are my angel.




And remember:  When truly loving, just give, and dance with the feeling.  Don’t try to analyze the affections of another towards you.   Don’t let your mind interfere and ruin it.  Just dance with it



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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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