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The capacity to be ALONE.

Why is it that for most people being alone is so difficult…??  Do you realize that when it comes to love and happiness, inward manifestations, they can only be known by one who knows how to be alone…??

The undisciplined mind is always chatting and seeking entertainment and the company of other minds, seeking noise and distraction from the inner self; therefore, the egoistical mind hates to be alone, it despises meditation and depth, so it can never realize inward truths like love and happiness…  So what does it find out there…??

Out there, it finds attachment and pleasure.  The superficial mind loves attachment and pleasure because it distracts from the truth that the individual is not whole, the individual is lost and does not feel whole; so, the individual must seek for another person, another relationship, another buy, another trip, to feel whole…  Thus the illusion continues…  The illusion which says that the person knows love and happiness, but in reality the person only knows schemes in time and space, namely attachment and pleasure…  Isn’t this sheer madness, to live your whole life enslaved to this egoistical mirage and never actually experience true love and happiness…??

Love, same as happiness, is the foundation of what we are.  So how can it be found out there with all the noise and confusion…?? …  No.  Only the one who knows how to be alone knows it, because love is meditation, as life is meditation; and meditation only happens inwardly, when you accept and befriend your own silence, like the Sun finds its own energy and heat inwardly to bathe all of us and create life outwardly.



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Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Give them freedom…

Do you understand relationships…??  What is the point of honest communication…??  Do you bring freedom to your relationships…??

In human relationships the key element is honest communication, as we all know, as we all try to become better human beings in life; however, quite often one gets taken by this obsession for winning, for coming out ahead, for proving ourselves to the other, thus the ego takes over and a communication based on love and understanding vanishes.  This calls for self-reflection and less pride; so, this calls for more rich silence, less talking.

The ego likes to talk and show off, defend itself and seek security; but the true heart of love is silent, wise, listens because it knows in silence there is true freedom.  And what is love…??  Is it a word…??  Is it talking and arguing…??  No.  True love is an essence which lives in the rich silence; in the rich silence of listening, in the rich silence of holding hands and walking together, in the rich silence of staring deeply into each other’s eyes… without a sign of ego… without trying to fix anything… without empty words all the time…

And that is exactly what one must bring into a relationship, into an honest communication with another, such freedom to liberate the mind of another and make them feel valued, appreciated to allow themselves to be heard by us, to express themselves freely and without any contention or threat.

This is love and understanding, to show true care in what someone else thinks and feels; because sometimes talking is of the ego and vanity itself, because sometimes to be quiet and listen is to guide our relationships into new, vaster horizons.

“Much talking is the cause of danger.  Silence is the means of avoiding misfortune. The talkative parrot is shut up in a cage.  Other birds, without speech, fly freely about.”  ~ Saskya Pandita; Tibetan spiritual leader, Buddhist scholar, and writer.


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Anatomy and physiology of life Poetry and prose from the heart. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Ashes of Bone.

Tradition, set rules, dogmas, lifestyles, following, etc…  All words belonging to the popular illness in the human mind, based upon a society which is in fact the corrupted and ignorant human being, which stems from this illness like the growth of a tumor appears first inside vital organs without being noticed and when is too late it has become extremely polluting throughout.  The same insanity which believes war, competition, intolerance, jealousy, economic division, obsessing over commerce, etc., is productive in the evolution of the individual mind is certainly developing the thinking of billions of people every day, and without analysis and deep meditation of the consequences…
The revolution to stop this begins with you, because real change is internal, from within; for it is all about you, to question yourself, your beliefs, your traditions, your behaviors, your thinking…  This is awakening and freeing your mind from the chains…  
Ashes of Bone
Ashes of bone as tyrannous time passes,
The dust of society of my eyes veils truth;
As people remains divided in classes,
As the human mind is enslaved since youth.

My heart without thought holds the key,
The silence of the essence the liberty;
I walked through pain without what it be,
All my life I ran away from the inner deity.

The people seem so formless and vain,
As I sit pondering the state of my own mind:
Are we really choosing to be insane…??
Do we really understand we are blind…??

Ashes of bone tell a story of many a fear,
As time passes and my fleshy temple decays;
I lost people who knew me of good cheer
Playing the game of comparison and praise.

Behind the ashes of bone lies the human spirit,
Away from daily monotony of mediocre recognition.
I renounce society and its steel chains! So be it.
I rise alone, free myself, denounce all tradition.


“Unlike a drop of water which loses its identity when it joins the ocean, man does not lose his being in the society in which he lives.  Man’s life is independent.  He is born not for the development of the society alone, but for the development of his self.” ~ B. R. Ambedkar; Indian jurist, economist, politician and social reformer.


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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. The free mind of a human god!

Doors beyond perception…

The doors into perception, as they are limited by thought, tend to be crass, mechanical, confusing, and misguided by beliefs and ideas; therefore, they are seen as the whole of the human experience, and nothing in the mind of the masses exists but these daily patterns of perception.

This is the mundane brain conditioning; brain cells which have been managed through time to work mechanically based upon the environment and past of the individual.  But beyond this perception of daily living there is more, there is a vast source of energy which feeds these mentioned and known patterns of perception; thus, a grid of godly, cosmic, divine, ancient, or however you want to call it, reception or essence which lies beyond mechanical conditioning, namely a vortex or core of silence.


And this silence which is dynamic, vibratory, refreshing, filled with a rich perception beyond the known, is no more and no less than that field of unlimited comprehension and love (rich connection with what is) which carries no concept or duality; where the seeker stops all seeking and basks in the absolute freedom from the known perception of the ignorant masses belonging to a deeply disturbed society.

In this deeply meditative, attentive, and all-wise condition the mind is completely free, unpolluted, and superbly intelligent to accept all change and flow with life as one. 

This is indeed the state of reception of the divine which resides in our DNA and in higher states of consciousness brought on by communion with the pure heart through self-awareness, meditation, and deep self-knowledge; consequently, this cleanses the known perception to see clearly our path in life without psychological fears and emotional reactions.


So, what’s beyond the mere perception of your daily physical senses…??  Why do people only lean and believe in the world outside of them, namely the world of age and form…??   The subconscious holds the key to higher states of focus, attention, free creativity, wisdom, and all which guides the conscious human being into the light of truth to fix and create his own life, to not fall into society’s pressures and environment anomalies.  And aren’t these the obstacles for most people’s progress and deep perception of life, deep perception of their own daily problems….??


“If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.”  ~ William Blake; English poet, painter, and printmaker.


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