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The capacity to be ALONE.

…like the Sun finds its own energy and heat inwardly to bathe all of us and create life outwardly…

Why is it that for most people being alone is so difficult…??  Do you realize that when it comes to love and happiness, inward manifestations, they can only be known by one who knows how to be alone…??

The undisciplined mind is always chatting and seeking entertainment and the company of other minds, seeking noise and distraction from the inner self; therefore, the egoistical mind hates to be alone, it despises meditation and depth, so it can never realize inward truths like love and happiness…  So what does it find out there…??

Out there, it finds attachment and pleasure.  The superficial mind loves attachment and pleasure because it distracts from the truth that the individual is not whole, the individual is lost and does not feel whole; so, the individual must seek for another person, another relationship, another buy, another trip, to feel whole…  Thus the illusion continues…  The illusion which says that the person knows love and happiness, but in reality the person only knows schemes in time and space, namely attachment and pleasure…  Isn’t this sheer madness, to live your whole life enslaved to this egoistical mirage and never actually experience true love and happiness…??

Love, same as happiness, is the foundation of what we are.  So how can it be found out there with all the noise and confusion…?? …  No.  Only the one who knows how to be alone knows it, because love is meditation, as life is meditation; and meditation only happens inwardly, when you accept and befriend your own silence, like the Sun finds its own energy and heat inwardly to bathe all of us and create life outwardly.



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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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