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The Death of Life.


In your daily activities, pursuits, personal thoughts, interactions, do you wonder what life really is…??  Life is more than living daily, isn’t it…??  People are born, expelled from the womb, entering this duality with one foot in the tomb already; consequently, they do not enjoy their lives plenty, they do not explore themselves and really live each second with full awareness, because they focus on the foot that lies in the tomb, they see themselves aging through the years they do not live.

Credit card debts piling up, anxiety about political nonsense, the foolish beliefs of religions clouding their minds, the pressure of getting married and following the path their families have set for them, parents birthing children without actually educating them but leaving that to the school system entirely, etc.–all this is allowed to infect the lives of people and they do not even see it.  This is the death of the spirit!

The greatest loss in life is that which you cannot see with your own two eyes, isn’t it….??  A Third Eye must be unleashed in life to actually see life for what it is.  The true beauty of art is not a painting.  The true attractive of a woman is not her looks.  The intelligence of a man is not his accomplishments in society.  The poetry of life is not written in books or made by great history.  Love is not found in dating or marriage or sex.  Bliss is not loads and loads of knowledge spiritual or otherwise.  This is IN life, but not life; and if this is seen as life then you are losing the very heart of it.

Life is the celebration of each moment you live, whether that moment is pleasant or not to your mind.  Life is beyond all your daily activities, relationships, pursuits, and intellectual understanding; and you must embrace life by deeply immersing yourself meditatively into it.  Do not squander your life by just living mechanically, but be expressive, grab opportunities big or small, make your voice heard, start your project now, see through aging and put all your energy into your moment.  Forget about loss in life, because if you focus on loss you will miss the riches of life and invite fear to soon bring you death. 

Yes, indeed, there is no greater wisdom then awakening yourself to life.



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Anatomy and physiology of life Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder.

The spirit.

Nothing obscures and destroys the truly blissful life more than to remain in perpetual fear of the unknown–“What is going to happen…??” – “What should I do…??” – “How should I live life before my last breath…??” – “What is waiting for me after I die…??”  All this nonsense, unbeknownst to many, cripples the mind and depletes our full energy for a more blissful life; for each moment is a blessing, and quite often we live in our heads and see only darkness instead of looking around us and seeing the beauty of life in a better light…


The spirit.”

“Why do you fear the unknown…??,” the spirit said,
“Seek poisons, praise material illusion, hate death…??”
There was silence, the man felt ill, he felt dread,
“Who is there?! I feel upon my ear your breath!
O I am but a poor wretch of man in this darkness.”
The spirit left from his hands, brushed past his face;
The spirit was gentle, kind to the man, harmless,
“Why fear death, yet hold my body with such grace…??
The human mind fears the very shadows it creates,
For it allows not the reality of life to flourish in man.
Life is all there is, so live, a continuous bliss awaits!”
The old man began with some fear, he almost ran
From the voice; but soon his conscience was lit,
“I have wasted my life on silly trinkets and vanity.
For I see now that my eyes were before very unfit.
I see you live still, I see now with the greatest sanity
That which feeds ignorance and strengthens fear.”
The dark skies opened right there, the man then saw
The moonlight upon himself and the spirit very clear;
Nature called and its essence parted without flaw…



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Anatomy and physiology of life Poetry and prose from the heart. The free mind of a human god!

Vital essence…

“I once asked a bird, how is it that you fly in this gravity of darkness?  She responded, ‘love lifts me’.” ~ Hafiz.

“Love moves without an agenda.  It just moves because that is its nature, ‘to move’.” ~ Adyashanti.

Essence is what permeates and fills the shells which move about in this physical world.  Essence is what makes all possible–the trees, the bees, the flowers, the winds, they eyes that lock into each other when there is attraction, and the burning of the Sun above us.  This is what love is–not romantic, sexual, and the rest.  But the essence of The Great Spirit which is all that is, which exists in the present because it fuels all there is, all that is real.

And there is no agendas or purposes for this essence–for how can a self-aware, all-wise entity have any agendas…??  Agendas, purposes, desires, and all ambitions of goodness or wickedness come from a conscious mind, from a mortal thought which one day loves and desires and the next day fears and repulses.

This essence existed always, before the mortal mind was born and will be after, because this essence of Creation is all there is… in darkness and light… beyond the qualities it is all there is… the rest is the shell. 
And it is all we know, many times poisoned by the ego and turned into wars and hate.  Man goes after his own terms of love, searches everywhere and anywhere out there, destroys himself over it, blinded, ignorant, not seeing what is in front of him… or within him.

And what is that which creates deep within the being the desire for life if not love…??  What makes you want to read this and seek the truth to better your own life if not love…??

But do not be like the common man, do not put it qualities and aspirations; because when you do, it stops being the true essence of love. 
If you do put it qualities and aspirations, it just becomes more garbage from the ego of the ignorant man.


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Poetry and prose from the heart. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The Spirit of All Things.

“The destruction of the natural beauty, the ecosystems, and the majesty of mountains affect us in ways we’re not even aware of. Every time a mountain is beheaded, we chop off a little part of our souls.” ~ Gloria Reuben; Canadian producer, singer and actress of film and television.

The Spirit of All Things

The seas weep at the neglect,
The winds howl at the fog,
The busy man dwells in ignorance,
He does not know his spirit is The spirit of All things.

There is the deep beauty of the trees,
Where The Spirit Of All Things lives,
Where man finds true freedom,
Where man meets harmony.

True beauty is the love which eternally shines
Beyond all that man sees and hates.
True beauty is gentle and kind to the spirit–
So why cannot man see the true beauty in the tree…??

The great Spirit of All Things lives everywhere,
And it recognizes the gentleness of true beauty.
Man wears his mask of ugliness and cannot see it,
He treads on beauty and despises himself.

Man walks blind to reality and fears the love of all things;
He fears the truth of beauty for it rattles his ego,
He fears The Spirit of All things because it is him.
There is no heaven in the hell of his sin.


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Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!


“No one knows your situation better than you.  Do what’s best for you.  If they can’t love you through it, then they weren’t meant to be in your life.”  ~ Tony Gaskins; American motivational speaker, author and life coach.

“Look inside yourself for the answers, you’re the only one who knows what’s best for you.  Everybody else is only guessing.”  ~ Charles De Lint; Canadian short story writer, novelist, poet, and lyricist.

Knowledge of self, daily reflection, routine meditation into yourself, is what one needs in order to embrace complete happiness and in order to be content with whatever you do in life.

This is self-love: when you only follow your inner self and take care of that inner self because you realize that you are the most important person you have to worry about, your mental elevation and emotional understanding; and so, from this process of self-love you can now expand love onto others.


But this paramount process of self-love gets interrupted and badly tainted if you allow your focus to be on others, on others’ expectations for you, on others’ opinions and wishes for you, etc. etc.

No one, not even your loved ones, can tell you exactly what is best for you if you are mature enough to see it for yourself, if you are mature enough to know where you are going and enjoy the path you walk; therefore, it is of the ego to feel victim of the opinions, wishes, expectations of other people, for you must see the reality, that you are the god of your own life, that you are the creator of your own life.

Never allow guilt, shame, fear, to consume your rationale and affect your emotional understanding of yourself, because you are here on this earth to develop yourself, not to take care of others constantly and be the punching bag for their mental and emotional nonsense.

This may sound harsh to someone that is not well acquainted with self-love, but it is the absolute truth to me; and I live my life based on it.

You are the only one who knows your innermost desires and strengths, so do not let any tricks from your ego or from the ego of others to manipulate you into being less and staying less than what you are and can accomplish.


Do not give in to stress and frustration, but raise above it.

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