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The spirit.

“Why do you fear the unknown…??,” the spirit said, Seek poisons, praise material illusion, hate death…??”…

Nothing obscures and destroys the truly blissful life more than to remain in perpetual fear of the unknown–“What is going to happen…??” – “What should I do…??” – “How should I live life before my last breath…??” – “What is waiting for me after I die…??”  All this nonsense, unbeknownst to many, cripples the mind and depletes our full energy for a more blissful life; for each moment is a blessing, and quite often we live in our heads and see only darkness instead of looking around us and seeing the beauty of life in a better light…


The spirit.”

“Why do you fear the unknown…??,” the spirit said,
“Seek poisons, praise material illusion, hate death…??”
There was silence, the man felt ill, he felt dread,
“Who is there?! I feel upon my ear your breath!
O I am but a poor wretch of man in this darkness.”
The spirit left from his hands, brushed past his face;
The spirit was gentle, kind to the man, harmless,
“Why fear death, yet hold my body with such grace…??
The human mind fears the very shadows it creates,
For it allows not the reality of life to flourish in man.
Life is all there is, so live, a continuous bliss awaits!”
The old man began with some fear, he almost ran
From the voice; but soon his conscience was lit,
“I have wasted my life on silly trinkets and vanity.
For I see now that my eyes were before very unfit.
I see you live still, I see now with the greatest sanity
That which feeds ignorance and strengthens fear.”
The dark skies opened right there, the man then saw
The moonlight upon himself and the spirit very clear;
Nature called and its essence parted without flaw…



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By thegodwithinblog

“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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