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The Greater Knowing…

…so the thought-forms transfer; thus, a woman of more purity and higher thought with…

In the precious union of two people who love each other, in the spiritual and energetic aspect, when man enters your divine-feminine temple what type of energy is he carrying…??  Is he upset…??  Is he confused…??  Is he bitter…??  Is he loving…??  Does he recognize love within himself…??  Does he truly respect you and love you…??  What is the true state of his consciousness…??–but not just his desire and lust for you.

Is the woman in the mood…??  Does she feel security and trust…??  Is she blessing you or cursing you…??  Does she feel happy…??  Is she sad…??  Does she love herself…??  Does she love you…??  Mature and divine sex, lovemaking, is a ritual of exchanging energies, emotional states, levels of consciousness, spiritual bliss, and it is an art form; consequently, it is in the creative expression of the inner individual, the more creative energy used, surrendered, the more transcendence and Oneness, union of two energies of the same Source. 
During it, you become open, you become free, emotionally connected and a spiritual sponge of the level of consciousness and life energy of that other person/of your partner.  This is why simple sex can blind a man or a woman, it can make them carry the same lower thought, and be poisoned with the same lower energy when the two persons are too apart in this vital energy, so the thought-forms transfer; thus, a woman of more purity and higher thought with a man of lesser purity and thought can be easily corrupted into the man’s lesser purity and thought.

Is he/she draining your life force and polluting your conscious energies, or is he/she recharging, refueling, healing and heightening your emotional and mental states…??  Be mindful of the true power of sex or life energy, because this is what fuels every thought of creativity and all thought in your life, and your behaviors, your capacities in all you do are about this Source of sacred energy.  It does not seem in the moment like it is an important subject to have in mind, to analyze; but if you meditate on it with honesty and deep awareness you can see the value in this.  All is energy and we must respect our energies, because when love exists it should be about transcending the act itself.  It should be about reaching higher planes of consciousness together.
Because to be in love, to really care for one another is to really see past the increasing desire and pleasure formed in the egoistical and mundane mind; thus, remind yourself that love is not in our humanity, the mind is our human side, so to really love you must reach deeper than the mind… otherwise what you feel might be great to you, but it is not true love…


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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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But be careful, friend; most people end up believing their senses and end up in nasty fights, breaking up, becoming violent to each other, divorcing when once they thought there was love. What happened…??–they were deceived by the desire felt in their hearts. The world does not really know love, they know the intense desire of a feeling bound to time and mood swings.

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