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God, The Devil, and your mind’s content.

You are walking through a field with death bodies, horrors of war, blood all over, children hurt and crying under a cloudy sky; however…

Is the content of your mind always your choice…??  If you are not self-aware, can the content of your mind drive you to sheer insanity…??
God and The Devil exist, blissful Heaven and scorching Hell are at your doors, just waiting to possess you, ever stalking you without sleep; furthermore, they are designed by the powers of your mind, because your mind, whether you like it or not, consciously or subconsciously, is always absorbing data from your environment.  Your conscious state, your dream state, your memory state, your instinctual state, your intuitive state; these are all influenced by your environment, not only by what you choose to read or watch.

You are walking through a field with death bodies, horrors of war, blood all over, children hurt and crying under a cloudy sky; however, you cannot choose to block this out, you will experience sadness, anger, desperation in your mind, it will possess you, no matter your Enlightenment.  You are human, and this is very human; this terrible experience surfaces the Devil in you, your darkness, your misery as a human…  You are walking in a beautiful and vast ground, smelling the blooming flowers and fragrant grasses under the bluest and most magical sky; so, your mind will absorb this, you will leave your stress for a moment.  This is human and godly, and it reaches out for your divinity within, God and its bliss.

The point is that people tend to battle how they feel and what appears in their minds all the time, they deny either God or The Devil, thoughts of sadness or joy, bad or good thoughts.  Many times you cannot choose your environment, and your mind is already by nature made to absorb all your surroundings; but do not fight what enters your mind, this is pointless, it is trying to become, it is poison to yourself.  Instead allow your thoughts and feelings to flow without your resistance, choose what to follow, what to project and assimilate; but know and understand that your mind’s content is most of the time beyond your choosing, for you do not know what is going to happen around you all the time… 
So, be self-aware of the thoughts you follow, because this is what you will become, and you want to be alert, aware, sane; but allow your mind to be natural and absorb your environment as it is, do not punish yourself over what you see and hear…


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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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