The free mind of a human god!


“The domain of individual destiny is controlled by an interplay of many cosmic forces, mainly benign; but in the present world society, due to mankind’s misunderstanding of both earthly and heavenly purposes, these forces have been turned to other uses, frequently chaotic and disintegrating.”  ~ Count St. Germain; alchemist, painter, philosopher, essayist, poet, diplomat, philanthropist, musician.


When most of us hear the word ‘Alchemy’ we picture an old sage in ancient times leaning against a hot pot stirring and stirring and creating mysterious fumes while wearing a large robe, mainly stirring and stirring to create some elixir or to turn lead into gold.  But that is just the superficial part of the science of Alchemy; because, in fact, Alchemy started the sciences we have today–i.e. chemistry, psychology, botany, geology, physics, anatomy, physiology, etc. etc.  Let us have in mind not just ‘Alchemy’ but ‘Mental Alchemy,’ because the human mind is all in the Alchemy of the true sage, because the human mind hides mysterious and fascinating energies to transmute the lead of the ego of simple man into the gold of the god-man.  So there is the study of who we are, and I do not mean our names or cultures, nationalities or the identities we create for ourselves; however, I mean the study of who we are beyond this waking thought we experience every day and this body made of flesh and bone.  To be more precise, is the study and discovery of our true Inner Self, which some may call Spiritual Self or Divine Energy; hence, it is about the energy and essence that makes us and sustains our life, which connects us to one another and to all nature, precisely all nature from the dust on the earth and the insect on it to the planets and stars in the vast dark above us.

The roots of Alchemy date back to ancient Egypt, and perhaps even before that, and a mysterious manuscript called ‘The Emerald Tablets.’  Alchemy arrived in Spain during the Arabian occupation by the Moors and then spread to the rest of Europe.  Alchemy reigned as the supreme science in Europe for about 1,700 years.  In fact, many of the cathedrals of the Middle Ages carry alchemical symbols and secret formulae.

alchemy3This is a coin minted from alchemical gold showing the symbol of lead (the ignorant, waking mind of the simple man) going up to heaven to transmute into gold (the mind of the god-man or the superior, spiritual intellect in man).

Only a very few adepts knew of the essential agent, the sublime heat of the soul, which fuses the emotions, consumes the prison of leaden form and allows entry into the higher world.  Carl Jung made alchemical methods part of modern psychology when he talks about the subconscious mind in man (the Infinite Intelligence in man).

But, you see, reader, the true science of Alchemy is the science of the spirit in man; therefore, because is about the spirit and so it does not have anything to do with machinations of men or material temples or churches built by men, religions of the world do not have a claim on this higher science.  Because the spiritual, the divine in man, the gold in man must not be confused with the crude, the ignorant dogmas and ideas in the simple man, the lead which is of the lower man. alchemy1


As people grow throughout life, they start to imitate one another, consciously and subconsciously, mimicking the personalities and identities which they see fit and which brings pleasure to his daily lives.  Because of their new adopted views in religion, society, nationality, culture, etc., and due to becoming fearful followers and not leaders of their own lives, most dwell in a sense of unreality as they become victims of themselves under the ideas and interpretations of others, and subsequently they persist in identifying themselves as vile sinners dependent of some human leader and a divine god up in the skies to deliver them to some promised land.  People thus become victims and go throughout life blind to their fortunes and believing in some divine blessing or curse falling upon them, and they are never masters of their destinies but humble servants of their own egos; that is, enslaved to their wild imaginations and ego-created fears.

This fear and ignorance transforms their thoughts and feelings into hell on earth; however, the purpose of all thought and feeling is to give us the beautiful form of wise and individual experience, to thus shape our self-confidence and unique personas into higher intellects, higher personas in the spiritual and mental realms.  So we Alchemists, true and wise Alchemists today and always, understand this and embrace this in our hearts; because we recognize that thoughts and feelings are exposed to sadness and misery as well as higher intelligence and wisdom, and in order to have only the latter we need to lead and not follow, have a free mind and accept who we are beyond all idea and form.  By stopping to watch TV, by not falling into the shopping and commercial trap, by not following society and religion, by not choosing an identity based on friends and family, by not imitating others, by watching the food-energy we put in our bodies, etc. etc., this can be accomplished.



So, life is not meant for us to embrace mediocrity and be content with following the herd, and it is not meant for us to massacre our higher purpose by living in the fear and anxiety all TV, society, religion, nationality, culture creates; but it is meant for us to be unique in all aspects and raise above all feelings of fear and anxiety.  Every human being has mighty energies and capacities, from the homeless person living under the bridge to the spiritual Alchemist who feels one with all, and so this is why we are born and given thoughts and feelings inside a physical form; and, even though most people do not really understand and embrace that fact in their behaviors, we must accept what we do not see and hear in our heads, we must realize that we all have the capacities to be Alchemists and lead our own lives, the capacities to turn crude lead into divine gold, because no society, religion, father or mother, friend or acquaintance, can do it for you, can better your life.

Self-help life truths.

The essence of happiness.

“Happiness is a choice.  You can choose to be happy.  There’s going to be stress in life, but it’s your choice whether you let it affect you or not.”  ~ Valerie Bertinelli; American actress.
     The crux of the  matter of the true essence of happiness is that happiness has no cause, so do not strain your mind, as most people do, thinking that you need to experience wealth, that you need to experience driving a better car, that you need to experience a relationship, marriage, traveling, a better job, more friends, drinking alcohol, experimenting with drugs, skydiving, bungee jumping, etc. etc., to feel happiness or experience it.  Happiness has no cause and it has no qualities or characters; for happiness itself is already a condition of existence within you, and it is what we humans call inner peace–i.e. a peace that is not just of the mind or intellect, or even created or forced upon by us, but a never-ending peace that just is existent in the depth of our hearts, and a peace which involves your whole existence and makes you feel whole and without fear and anxiety, when you pay attention to it and block your nagging thoughts from interfering that is.
      See, happiness has no cause, because whatever has cause in life at some point disappears–i.e. money runs out, relationships die of age or lose interest, cars break down and rust, your pets die, conversations do not last, the sunshine is not always there, your thoughts and emotions change, and so on and so forth.  There is a cause for each one of these things I have mentioned–for example, a relationship is caused by the desire to find another to share emotional and carnal interactions with, or sunshine is caused by the particular seasons and the specific qualities of the day in question.
     True happiness, which in itself is limited by the human word as all divinity is, cannot own qualities or traits, emotion or thought, because these have causes and therefore origin and are based upon desires to fulfill.  Whenever you find a cause to “happiness”, it is not true happiness because it is chained to a desire to fill a gap in your mind and heart, and when you feel like you need to fill a gap in your mind and heart then it means you believe yourself to be not whole.  See, when “happiness” has a cause and it fulfills a desire which is made in your thought first, then it is coming from outside you–i.e. money, a relationship, sex, a trip to another place, a new car, petting your dog, hugging your friend, admiring great art pieces, etc. etc., is coming from thoughts and actions you create and it is being fulfilled from the things or experiences happening outside of you.
     True happiness is the eternal existence you are beyond thought and flesh, and such thought and flesh are moody, prone to flaws and diseases, and the rest of the roller-coaster triggers from the outside and which thought creates, obstacles and mere pleasures.  Now, I need you to understand this really well, because this is a profound topic of life, and I know words can be deceiving or misleading.  See, I am not saying that economic growth, relationships, loving sex, friendship, family, and the strong desire to be better in all aspects of your life is not noble and productive, not at all; in fact, these are why we are here in the human flesh in the first place, for we are here to increase our capacities and experience all these, for we are here to learn to create from the immaterial to the material and enjoy our successes.
     What I am saying is that most people cannot raise above their own mediocrity and so wallow in sadness because they do not really understand what true happiness really is.  Because they search for happiness when happiness must not be searched, but happiness must be discovered within you.  This sounds like a cliche or some highly spiritual philosophy, but in fact it is not.  Think about your experiences as a child, maybe your first toy or your first kiss or something great that happened to you, remember how you felt based on the emotion and not based on the outside experience of doing something.  Now, think of your grown life, perhaps a new car or a new job or a new baby, remember how you felt based solely on emotions not based on the actual outside experience.  Does it have any difference the emotion in its core…??  I am not talking about the experience itself–i.e. receiving the new toy or expressing yourself in the relationship.  The emotion, for lack of a better word, wasn’t it one of freedom and complete absence of fear and anxiety, wasn’t it one of total inner peace…??  And wasn’t it the same condition felt in your heart whether the outside experience was different…??
     The experience itself of having the new toy, the relationship, the new car, and whatever it was, was a cause for certain pleasure and might have lasted a few hours, days, months, or even years.  These were mere triggers or pleasures you did search for or encountered in your life’s path in order to quiet your nagging thoughts of desire for a time, and thus experience the inner happiness or peace which was, and is and will be, already inside you.  Understanding this is the difference between living a roller coaster of emotions in your life and living always blissful just because you live another day and you choose to embrace who you truly are.
     This state of wonderful existence has been given many names on our planet, and love is one of them, but this is the true essence of love which is non-anxious, sensual, or jealous, or has any cause for existing within us at all; hence, this is love of your true self, of your divine self beyond the nagging thoughts of desire and emotional roller coaster of every day.  This is the essence of true happiness.  Embrace it.
Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

The god within.

“To believe in the god over us and around us, and not in the god within us–that would be a powerless and fruitless faith.”  ~ Phillips brooks; American clergyman and author.

     I believe people today has forgotten who they really are and the power they have within themselves to get ahead in life, surpassing all obstacles and reaching their higher goals–whatever those might be for each of us.  There lies great wisdom and energy inside of us all which you might call God or Higher Self, and which you embrace and acknowledge whenever you choose health and love above poisonous foods to your body and hatred towards yourself and others, whenever you mentally speak kindly to yourself and motivate yourself out of self-pity; however, there also lies inside of us all a massive ego and terrible ignorance which you might call Devil or Lower Self, and which makes us believe we are broken and undeserving of a better life.

Of course, most of the problem stems from how our minds are conditioned since birth from our parents, from the ones around us, and from a self-absorbed and highly ignorant society.  Still, through inner contemplation and by embracing certain wisdom within myself, I absolutely know that humankind has been endowed with higher intelligence and capacities of achievement well above other creatures under the sun, and that we are more than the piece of flesh and the crude and disobedient thoughts we experience on a daily basis during the waking state.  And it all lies within ourselves, the capacities of transforming the raw energies in ourselves to be more and bring a noble and unselfish desire into material reality.

Yes, all that is truly needed is to believe that there is no failure in life, because the truth is that failure is an invention of our flawed minds, just like the concept of ‘time’ or the inventions of a place called ‘heaven’ and a place called ‘hell’ waiting for us after we die.  See, ‘time’ is an illusion which serves a purpose in society and in this physical life; ‘heaven’ and ‘hell’ were invented by the fearful and ignorant minds of men to control the minds of other men and keep them tied to a religious belief and dogma.  It is all a well-orchestrated, mental delusion which may serve us or condemn us.  Your choice.


See, the greatness of our conscious, mortal minds is that we can use the energies floating there to create beautiful and motivating thoughts of noble and unique nature, such thoughts which will evoke feelings of higher purpose and self-love; however, we often have to deal with the negative energies which are fueled by our earthly physical senses, dark energies which are biased and agitated by the perceptions and opinions we form out of these same physical senses–i.e. biased and agitated by the violence and unfairness we see in the news daily, biased and agitated by the stupidity and greediness of politicians, biased and agitated by the invisible poisons from food and entertainment companies, biased and agitated by the cruelty against the environment and animals, etc. etc.

And our immediate environment and neighborhood does not help sometimes, because we might be let down by friends, family, jobs, opportunities of any advancement, and so on.

But if we pay attention to our hearts, without the blockage of our physical senses and that obnoxious voice in our minds, we just might be able to understand that all that separates us from being the best we can be is not our environment, our society, or even things which befall us and bring us suffering, but that it is our minds and how we choose to perceive life.  As Buddha wisely and simply puts it, “What we think, we become.”

buddha mind
Our minds are filled and shaped by what we choose to perceive of ourselves and of the world.


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