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This is rising.



It is like being chained to your beliefs, opinions, burdens, etc.  These do not allow your mind to expand in understanding.  You think you are wise, but you are only deceiving yourself and enjoying your chains in underground mediocrity.

But to let go, to quit your self-righteous ways, is to rise, to ascend and break those chains.  This is freedom.  This is love.  And this is rising.  Because now your mind expands, and you are not fixed to any belief, opinion, habit; thus you can flow with life and adapt to all change.  New information.  New ideas.  New opinions.  This is rising. 


Review of my books: “I really loved the depth of your approach, specially because sometimes I struggle with low self-esteem and that gets into my relationship with my new wife.  Thanks for helping us become aware of all these things.  Much love to you and yours.”

Reviews of my books: “It allowed me to see another explanation of love..with a touch of humor i was able to find a sensible place to kick back to enjoy knowing I have always been Loved!!  YOUR advice is like finding a treasure. Thank you so much sharing!”

“LEAVING THE HERD” (part 2). A book about enlightenment and the renaissance of the leader in you.
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Behind difficult moments.




When we attach to beliefs and certain philosophies, we are being too serious; and thus anyone can come and attack us and bother us.  When we become to rigid and strict on our lifestyle, we might damage relationships by asking the same level from our partner; and thus ruin connection with people.

All this and more is being too into our own ego, too strict, too serious in life; and so, when this happens our minds become intolerant, easily insulted, extremely proud and insensitive.

If we become too proud and insensitive then we fall into negativity, tyranny, and a dark abyss in our subconscious; however, we might not see it happening in ourselves, as our personalities become blinded by this strict and serious poison affecting our minds while we lower self-awareness.

Life can have its ups and downs, your mind might make life difficult, and you might drown in a glass of water, emotionally speaking that is; and so, that is why your mind must be harmonious, peaceful, ready to take things lightly and laugh at the challenges you meet.

And, especially in relationships, you must be flexible, understanding, tolerant, loving, accepting of the other; hence, you must laugh and see the good side of situations and people, be positive and dare see the beauty behind your life, your situations, and behind difficult moments.




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Business mind. Self-help life truths.

Keep it sacred.

“The smarter you get, the less you speak.”  ~ Unknown.

“Stop telling your big dreams to small-minded people.” ~ Hakim Sagan; American spiritual teacher, philosopher, and author.

Our passions, our heartfelt motivations, our very important desires to develop ourselves further or to develop something new in our lives, are energies that we must nurture and treat with reverence and faith; because if we do not honor them and make them sacred to us, if we waste our energies telling anybody our innermost plans, is like spilling water outside the glass or spilling flower seeds on cement.  We are going to lose passion and interest while wasting energy telling people whatever is in our hearts and whatever we are developing.


The human being tends to get excited over ideas and passions and treat them as amusement for anyone, but this only depletes your energies and soon you lose focus and interest on following through with it.

The more awakened or conscious of your own state of development you become, the more vision and understanding of self-love and of how to attain goals you become; so, you begin understanding your priorities and to only share you innermost thoughts, feelings, and heartfelt passions with a select group of people.

This is not selfish but the center of knowledge of self, wisdom itself; for to know about life and your growth is to understand that everything you think about, you say and do are energies, and that you must not waste these energies by sharing with people who do not care and who will not support your advancement and inner and outer growth.

Stop the loud voice of your ego from making you tell everything you carry inside, everything concerning your development, inner and outer; because happiness and all success is something you cultivate, it is something individual and not collective.


So have faith, patience, honor and cultivate wisdom in this, keep the important things to yourself.


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Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Rise of The Gods.

“All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination.”  ~ Earl Nightingale; American radio speaker, and self-help author.

“If you plan on being anything less than you are capable of being, you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life.”  ~ Abraham Maslow; American pioneer psychologist and professor.


This physical life is a beautiful succession of still photographs, and to find yourself and really embrace life at its fullest you must live in the moment, enjoy each moment, allow your attention to be on each moment, whether pleasant or unpleasant situations, do not escape but be there; however, because our human spirit needs to be allowed by our humanity to have outlets, to express itself freely, we, as human beings, need to rule over our egoistical and lazy minds and develop talents and skills in which we feel the passion and freedom coursing through our veins.


To free yourself, your spirit, to embrace true and constant happiness in your life, you must have a plan or vision of what is most important for you, a goal which helps you wake up each morning happy to be alive and working towards something heartfelt and noble; but, opposite to this, you cannot live each moment just hoping for the best and allowing your mind and the situations surrounding you to lead you randomly forward, for only you are meant to create and rule in your own life–i.e., not your ego, not your family, not society, but you and only you.


If you are not waking up each morning and loving every second of your life, breathing in and watching yourself get better and better in the development of your skills and talents, then you will not be able to free your human spirit from the bondage of a lazy and stressful ego, thus you will not experience the true essence of happiness which starts with self-love.


This self-development is all about your internal state, this is not about your country, culture, or your current financial condition; therefore, you could live on the streets or inside a very humble abode, but there is always something to improve in yourself–kindness, a deeper emotional connection with yourself, the planning of a future through planning strategies for a business, working on writing stories to develop imagination, drawing, mastering a certain topic to publish a book, selling something you make, etc. etc.

The goal here is not fame or fortune, but it is to train your mind to move forward and to create something that you keep dear to your heart, because in this way you free your human spirit and let it soar to new experiences, to new heights.
Remind yourself of this every single day.




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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind.

The Fountain.

“First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination.”  ~ Napoleon Hill; American self-help author.

“With ideas it is like with dizzy heights you climb: At first they cause you discomfort and you are anxious to get down, distrustful of your own powers; but soon the remoteness of the turmoil of life and the inspiring influence of the altitude calm your blood; your step gets firm and sure and you begin to look for dizzier heights.”  ~ Nikola Tesla.

The energy of ideas comes to us from Infinite Intelligence and our ego molds it into a concept or belief, an image or strategy; therefore, this essence of creativity is divine and gives us the responsibility of forming inspiring and wise thoughts with it.

Sadly, most people do not recognize this, and so they create contention and prejudice, religious and cultural enmity, self-destructive behaviors, and the rest, with the god-given energy of their minds.


Imagination then comes to us as the greatest form of inspiration and fuel to create happiness and so reach great things in our individual lives; and this is why is so important to feed our mortal minds properly, to be ready and offer the right atmosphere, to shape ideas and all thought-forms to aid humanity, not to pity ourselves and others but to raise above mediocrity and reach higher states of thought.


Imagination is what we are, is indeed what allows us to move freely, think freely and create; however, our mortal, biased egos, can take that imagination and build beauty as well as misery, and thus bring that into the world. 

But we are above all pity and nonsense from a massive and misguided ego, and the key to realize that lies in the wisdom buried deep inside us; therefore, the wisdom which can help us create, innovate, move our own lives forth with nobility and success, with happiness and a greater love towards ourselves and the world.

Remind yourself daily that life is the playground where you shape ideas and create your life. 
The understanding of this will help you honor great ideas.



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