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The right choice

What life is

People talk about “The Third Eye” not even understanding this. And there’s not much more to life than choices. Sometimes people are not entirely focused on what they choose. Sometimes people don’t even think daily, small choices are that important.

Sometimes people put too much thought and overthink choices, and it happens that they bring a lot of anxiety and indecision into their minds in this way. Sometimes they create their own storms, even without knowing.


But life is truly lived when you become aware and let go of all this. Because when you become highly conscious then, you get to make the right choices by seeing the different paths and their consequences beforehand. Reality is created by choices only.


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Going up

That’s how you know…

When things are not going as expected in life is because we need the current experience. In order for things to get better your mind must reach a point of understanding even in the struggle. It is how we know, when things are not going as we want; because things are getting ready for the shift, energy is clearing out.

Life is like a rollercoaster. Up and down. Up and down. In order for knowledge and understanding to be absorbed the mind must let go from fear of the ride. The ride is not always going to stay down, but it is building momentum to go up. You, of course, must be ready to go up.

Going up…

Going up is a state of mind, first and foremost. The mind makes up your reality, which means your mind must embrace a new reality to shift your understanding and for things to change. Even if you inherit a million dollars, you can be depressed and hate your life. Because beyond all the loads of money you have now, your mindset has not shifted.

So, going up starts with the shift of your mindset. You want a better life, one where you feel loved and happy, confident and successful?? Then your mind must let go from the negative mentality, and from the self-pity, and from the complaining you do now. Again, going up is a powerful mental state you have to reach first.


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As human creatures we have developed the power of visualization, which is the power of higher creativity and language; hence, we can create more than any other creature we know, because we mesh images with language in our minds–i.e., language reveals stories, symbols, it brings powerful meaning to those images.

This tells us that no matter our surroundings, our circumstances, if we can create with belief and faith, through patience and commitment in our minds, then we can manifest better futures in our surroundings through that mental creation.

This goes beyond physical reality, to create from thought into matter, and that is why it is very difficult to understand and even to believe for most people.  And also because to actually create, the mind has to have no fear and doubt that it will manifest; hence the difficulty for most people who are attached to the material reality and have formed strong bonds with this same physical reality.

So one needs to walk away from physical reality to create and begin manifestation, which means to detach oneself from the obsession of matter and the world, which means to direct your attention inwardly and stop putting so much faith, trust, stress, excitement in the physical out there.

The problem is thinking that your current situation cannot be changed, because in this lies fear and self-doubt.  People overthinks and speculates how to reach something, how to achieve something in life out there; however, they ignore and avoid the origin of all physical reality, which is thought and emotion in them.


Thus when you create with thought (visualization) and emotion (strong emotional connection within that same visualization) then you are directing your attention inwardly and creating your life from its very origins–i.e., from within the micro-world to manifest into the macro-world.



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Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

The Edge between Your Thoughts…

Physical reality is your consciousness taking a specific focus, it is a reflection of the frequency that your consciousness puts out, like an image in a mirror.  There is actually nothing out there, outside of you.  It is all inside your own consciousness…
Most negative thoughts, as psychology tells us, are the result of childhood traumas, of our hidden subconscious persona, of the influence of others, of our lack of self-compassion and whatnot.   Do you realize this as you react and behave…??  So, most of the time negative thoughts just appear “out-of-nowhere,” cross the edge between dark and light in the vast dimension of the mind, even so as we are feeling content and happy with what we are doing.  And, let me remind you, this is why great thinkers have in the past stressed: ‘You are not your thoughts.’

Daily focusing upon conditions and experiences we love to create with calmness of spirit and peace of mind, profound self-compassion and acceptance of our own flaws and mistakes in life is called meditative practice; something closely related to mindfulness.  And it is a self-reflective contemplation of one’s own state of mind, including emotions and thoughts.  This is also, in a sense, why we are not our thoughts, because we can stop ourselves, watch our breathing patterns thus slowing our minds.  We are certainly the watchers of ourselves, are we not…??  And isn’t God’s divine function to watch over us…??  Are we God then…??  I am a god every day.  Are you…??

The edge between our thoughts is the line between that which brings intense stress and anxiety (fear) and that which brings total peace and bliss (love)–i.,e., a harmonious state of just being with yourself and creating how you feel.  This is based upon our creativity and self-love because we must imagine mentally with detail and color what we want to experience in our bodies just as the master painter must see the painting in his head to then transfer it into the blank canvas.  This is somewhat akin to the Law of Attraction or to the Law of Creation…  Unless you practice daily this in your mind and create your own reality, you will suffer the reality of your memories and that of others…

The Edge Between your Thoughts. Dare to balance and create a better reality. Gods create their reality. Inferior beings allow the environment to do so.


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