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The Well.

Days can be sad, cloudy, stormy, and you might even feel rejected.  Lightning and thunder can come down on you and rob you of the things you love the most.  The eternal night can swiftly cover your dreams in obscurity.  No one really owns anything in this world.  What do you think you own…??–your husband??–your wife??–your kids??–your career??–the way you look now??–the art you have created??–your knowledge??…  What do you own really which cannot be taken away from you…??…

What if you were walking one day, by yourself, quietly absorbed by the beautiful trees smiling at you, rejoicing in the warm sunlight bathing your skin, the caress of the refreshing breeze gently grazing your cheeks, the smooth and short grass blades tickling your naked feet as you walk….??  What if your mind was empty right then and there…??  What if everything you knew–i.e., the relationships, the things you bought, the age you have, the anxiety finances bring, and all the rest of your past memories–was all gone at that moment, but you only know you are alive because you feel your quiet breath passing your nostrils and because you experience the divine nature around you…?? 

…And the rabbit hole goes even deeper…  Then you grow so meditative, so blissful, so conscious of this wonderful freedom, that you bump into a well.  You observe with the same meditation, the well looks magical, you have never seen anything like this before; there is a whole new world down there, where nature is as beautiful as it is where you are.  Thoughts pop up into your mind to come back, but you ignore them.

So, you come down the well and discover that it is even more beautiful, the rabbit hole goes deeper and you discover many wonderful things with your divine curiosity now:  Water is clean and refreshing, air is even better because is pure energy, it is always day here without any storm, your wrist watch stops and you realize there is no time here; then you discover some more, deep into it caves full of light and gold.  You want to live there, you feel refreshed, like new; but you have to face the night above, you have to go back to work, to your relationships which are not so good right now.  But you know you can comeback to the well.  And so you go up, and is night, and you can see the fantastic world of the well in your mind, you keep it in your heart.  Nothing robs you of that.  You really own it.  No one can take it away.. 

This is true meditation…



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Poetry and prose from the heart.

The hidden substance of it all.

“I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge.  That myth is more potent than history.  That dreams are more powerful than facts.  That hope always triumphs over experience.  That laughter is the only cure for grief.  And I believe that love is stronger than death.”  ~ Robert Fulghum; American author and Unitarian Universalist minister.

This is an excerpt from a book I am writing, titled: “Inner Wealth.  Outer Wealth.”  About wisdom to reach spiritual, emotional, mental, and all financial success.


Once,  eternally  before  and  beyond  all  recorded  history,  eternally  before  and  beyond  all  space  and  time,  there  was  one  unity,  one  power,  one  ALL,  one-ness;  and  so,  as  the  condition  was  one  and  the  experience  existing  was  one  with  this  condition,  the  potentialities  for  further  growth  were  rich  and  vast,  the  very  essence  of  all  beauty  and  design  flowed  freely.  This  substance  of  incredible  creativity  and  imagination  was  all,  and  beat  as  one  heart  which  was  all.  There  was  no  strain  and  no  limitations.  There  was  no  concepts  of  material  or  immaterial.  There  were  no  different  creations  as  we  now  know,  but  there  was  only  the  essence,  the  very  Thought  of  Creation.  The  Great  Mind  was  all.  The  Great  Mind  still  is  all.

     And  then,  in  this  Mind  which  was  all,  in  this  Thought   which  was  all,  experience  sizzled  in  itself  and  the  very  heart  for  beauty  and  life  could  not  burst  or  transcend  itself,  for  this  substance  of  beauty  and  life  was  itself  beauty  and  life  and  it  did  not  have  an  end  to  reach  out  and  bring  about  creation.  There  were  no  walls  to  break  down.  No  rules  to  break.  No  competition  for  the  development  of  ideas.  There  was  no  duality.  No  two  poles.  No  love  and  no  fear.  No  thought  and  emotion   as  we  know  and  experience  now.  But  imagination  and  its  potential  was  just  one  and  all  that  existed. 

     And  then  it  created  an  image  of  itself  within  itself,  it  unselfishly  craved  the  experience  of  itself  within  itself;  therefore,  space  and  time  appeared  like  a  magic  trick,  and  this  substance  divided  itself  within  itself  to  thus  create  another  substance  of  life,  of  dimensional  and  qualitative,  of  experimental  and  dual  existence.  From  the  corpuscle  it  began  work  throughout  billions  upon  billions  of  years.  From  the  micro-world  onto  the  macro-world.  And  the  creations  were  many  and  rich,  creative  and  destructive,  beautiful  and  ugly,  of  light  and  of  dark;  and,  so,  life  was  competition  now  because  it  was  dual—i.e.  two  poles,  two  opposites,  better  and  worse,  rich  and  poor,  God’s  Eternal  Mind  and  the  lower  beings’  mortal  minds.  But,  still,  imagination  maintained  existence,  the  very  essence  now  covered  in  matter,  now  covered  in  different  flesh  and  thought,  limited  by  flesh  and  thought,  and  expressing  itself  within  flesh  and  thought.

Hard  to  imagine  this  substance  we  now  call  imagination,  isn’t  it?  Back  then,  before  time  and  space  were  born,  this  entity  had  no  qualities  or  concepts  to  speak  of,  like  ‘genius,’  or  ‘prodigy,’  or  ‘gifted.’  Our  human  brains  use  images  and  concepts  to  experience  and  think  about  something  clearly,  so  if  there  are  no  images  and  no  exact  concepts  in  my  description,  then,  our  intellects  stress  over  it  and  might  even  deny  such  existence.  But  what  is  important  here  is  not  the  description  I  give,  but  the  very  essence  of  this  substance  is;  hence,  this  incredible  substance  is  our  flesh  and  thought,  it  still  exists  within  each  of  our  cells,  it  forms  our  consciousness,  it  sustains  our  body  and  mind  which  are  in  fact  the  substance’s  shell.

Always  remember  you  are  imagination  and  creativity,  the  building  substance  flows  within  your  cells  and  mind,  no  matter  who  your  thought  says  you  are,  the  education  your  mortal  mind  has,  or  the  age  your  body  reflects  in  the  mirror;  ergo,  as  you  experience  it  yourself,  you  only  have  to  bring  that  energy  or  marvelous  substance  out  and  use  it  to  create  in  the  material  world.  So,  create!


“Everything  you  can  imagine  is  real.”  ~ Pablo  Picasso;  Spanish  painter,  sculptor,  print-maker,  ceramicist,  stage  designer,  poet  and  playwright.

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