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The Well.

Water is clean and refreshing, air is even better because is pure energy, it is always day there without any storm, your wrist…

Days can be sad, cloudy, stormy, and you might even feel rejected.  Lightning and thunder can come down on you and rob you of the things you love the most.  The eternal night can swiftly cover your dreams in obscurity.  No one really owns anything in this world.  What do you think you own…??–your husband??–your wife??–your kids??–your career??–the way you look now??–the art you have created??–your knowledge??…  What do you own really which cannot be taken away from you…??…

What if you were walking one day, by yourself, quietly absorbed by the beautiful trees smiling at you, rejoicing in the warm sunlight bathing your skin, the caress of the refreshing breeze gently grazing your cheeks, the smooth and short grass blades tickling your naked feet as you walk….??  What if your mind was empty right then and there…??  What if everything you knew–i.e., the relationships, the things you bought, the age you have, the anxiety finances bring, and all the rest of your past memories–was all gone at that moment, but you only know you are alive because you feel your quiet breath passing your nostrils and because you experience the divine nature around you…?? 

…And the rabbit hole goes even deeper…  Then you grow so meditative, so blissful, so conscious of this wonderful freedom, that you bump into a well.  You observe with the same meditation, the well looks magical, you have never seen anything like this before; there is a whole new world down there, where nature is as beautiful as it is where you are.  Thoughts pop up into your mind to come back, but you ignore them.

So, you come down the well and discover that it is even more beautiful, the rabbit hole goes deeper and you discover many wonderful things with your divine curiosity now:  Water is clean and refreshing, air is even better because is pure energy, it is always day here without any storm, your wrist watch stops and you realize there is no time here; then you discover some more, deep into it caves full of light and gold.  You want to live there, you feel refreshed, like new; but you have to face the night above, you have to go back to work, to your relationships which are not so good right now.  But you know you can comeback to the well.  And so you go up, and is night, and you can see the fantastic world of the well in your mind, you keep it in your heart.  Nothing robs you of that.  You really own it.  No one can take it away.. 

This is true meditation…



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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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