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The beauty behind the garbage.

Life itself is the most natural and divine organism, an ongoing process, something which moves forward and brings rich lessons–from pain and joy–always to learn to experience true love and happiness as unique individuals.  And we may say that it is all for the sake of physical experiences to have.  The human mind is a whole different creature though, conditioned, full of lust, anger, passions, selfish ideas and concepts, bias views and beliefs; so, we may say the human mind is not natural as life in its purity is.  The mind in this state of ignorance is always trying to find answers and fix what is not truly broken–“What is the meaning of life?,” “Who or what is God?,” “What lies for me after I die?,” “How do I become Enlightened?,” “Why are women so delicate and emotional?,” “Why are men so stubborn and violent?,” etc. etc.


And exactly all this pointless questioning makes the mind dull, busy, confused, always going on a loop which feeds the ego and brings more questions, more seeking, more opinions, more concepts, more pointless knowledge.  All this conditioning creates an abyss, a distance between life itself or its reality and the reality this mind has built out of its own content; so that now life is not beautiful anymore, because this abyss or distance brings frustration and does not allow you to actually enjoy it purely.  While the mind is busy fixing moral dilemmas and philosophies, asking questions and arguing answers, while it is trying to understand the complexities of a relationship, while it is seeking God or a meaning of life, you live in your own little world which prevents you from absolutely seeing the beauty of a simple tree on your yard or celebrating the fact that you are breathing.

And so, because the mind is always trying to fix and find solutions, arguing and trying to be superior, then stress and problems cloud judgement and vanish purity.  Now life passes you by while you are drowning in your own egoistical activities.  So your mind becomes your experience of life now, and your mind is full of confusion and questions.  Is this your experience of life…??…  So, perhaps your mind must be stopped and emptied from so much questioning, and believing, and conceptualizing; and from ruling your life, so you get to be free from this mental sickness which only stresses you and distances you from experiencing bliss in your own life.

Life is not as serious and complicated, as ugly and threatening, as the mind makes it to be; but this is the content of our minds making it so, this is the pointless seeking, questioning, doubting, the arguing, etc. etc. You must empty your mind from all this pointless garbage, be free of it and bring new energy into your life, new characters, new moods, more positive views.


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The demon.

She did not see it before, but now when she was alone she felt some torpid dullness about her, a confused state of her mind, a wretched condition of her soul.  Her soul wanting to become truly free from her captor; for she had changed for him and was not herself anymore, she was destitute of intelligence and reason, distanced from herself and from her normal activities and studies.  She was not her beautiful and free self anymore, the demon held her captive and she knew it…

The Demon.

The thick chains which my mind cannot see,
As it fills itself with his deceptions and vices;
Alas, energy depleted, freedom is not to be.
Can I even feel the desperation as it rises…??
First an angel of love then a demon of pain,
Allured by the most lovely sound in his voice;
For I had fallen ill, felt empty, I was not sane,
Trapped beauty and freedom below the noise.
He was living in death and I was living in life.
O, our vital energies were opposing poles!
Alas, taken by desire to be this demon’s wife.
But then one must dare see not flesh but souls.


There is always an emptiness brooding inside the human being, perhaps a dullness of our daily activities, maybe a sort of death or decay of our wits and creativity, because life is felt like a roller coaster to us–i.e., nothing is always bliss, moods change, time passes, aging sets in, impatience swallows the mind, etc. And the heart is always seeking more, an awakening, a greater life change, a better opportunity, a renaissance of daily living; but the ignorance of the human mind is always demanding and controlling, it is impatient, it overwhelms your heart, it veils your soul from complete clarity and freedom.

You must see this fact beyond looking.  You must not allow negativity, wrong people, rushing into unknown activities, etc., to overtake you; but you have to see your life through the fogs of your own lazy and corrupted demons…  Because it is in fact this very seeing that which shall give you freedom beyond your normal looking…
Demons do not hide under your bed, or in the darkness of the night even; but they hide in the darkest corners of your own mind.  Be aware of this all the time, and you become resilient and confident, strong and faithful in every situation.  Thus you remain in control.


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