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The demon.

Her soul wanting to become truly free from her captor; for she…

She did not see it before, but now when she was alone she felt some torpid dullness about her, a confused state of her mind, a wretched condition of her soul.  Her soul wanting to become truly free from her captor; for she had changed for him and was not herself anymore, she was destitute of intelligence and reason, distanced from herself and from her normal activities and studies.  She was not her beautiful and free self anymore, the demon held her captive and she knew it…

The Demon.

The thick chains which my mind cannot see,
As it fills itself with his deceptions and vices;
Alas, energy depleted, freedom is not to be.
Can I even feel the desperation as it rises…??
First an angel of love then a demon of pain,
Allured by the most lovely sound in his voice;
For I had fallen ill, felt empty, I was not sane,
Trapped beauty and freedom below the noise.
He was living in death and I was living in life.
O, our vital energies were opposing poles!
Alas, taken by desire to be this demon’s wife.
But then one must dare see not flesh but souls.


There is always an emptiness brooding inside the human being, perhaps a dullness of our daily activities, maybe a sort of death or decay of our wits and creativity, because life is felt like a roller coaster to us–i.e., nothing is always bliss, moods change, time passes, aging sets in, impatience swallows the mind, etc. And the heart is always seeking more, an awakening, a greater life change, a better opportunity, a renaissance of daily living; but the ignorance of the human mind is always demanding and controlling, it is impatient, it overwhelms your heart, it veils your soul from complete clarity and freedom.

You must see this fact beyond looking.  You must not allow negativity, wrong people, rushing into unknown activities, etc., to overtake you; but you have to see your life through the fogs of your own lazy and corrupted demons…  Because it is in fact this very seeing that which shall give you freedom beyond your normal looking…
Demons do not hide under your bed, or in the darkness of the night even; but they hide in the darkest corners of your own mind.  Be aware of this all the time, and you become resilient and confident, strong and faithful in every situation.  Thus you remain in control.


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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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