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Art of Life.

Thought is king in your life, it tells you what you are, how to react, what to do, how to love, how to communicate, how to feel and see life, right…??  All you know about the world and yourself is because of thought, which is imagination, beliefs, ideas, memories, knowledge of society and of the world as seen through your physical senses.  But have you ever asked yourself what it would feel to have absolutely no thought in your mind…?? 

Since thought creates feeling, if you have no thought in mind what would you feel…??  Would you feel dead…??  Would you feel empty, neither happy nor sad….??  Would you feel freedom as you never felt before…??  Your spirit, your soul, is always trapped or veiled by thought–so, if you had no thought, would your spirit, your soul, be completely liberated from bondage…??  But only you can experience this miracle.  You can read about it, you can watch videos on meditation from masters, you can fill your mind with lectures from men who seriously meditate; but, alas, you will never experience it this way, you will never actually feel every muscle and nerve in your body soothe you and the warming sensation in your bones while your mind becomes incredibly clear and illumined in no-thought if you just hear it or read it from others.
Existence goes deeper, and is truly appreciated beyond what your thought can tell you, in a state of absolutely no-thought.  Why do you get depressed, lonely, angry, frustrated, jealous, and the rest at times…??  Isn’t it because of thought…??  You may say, “but you cannot live life in a continuous no-thought state.”  True.  It is because of thought that you can physically interact in the world.  But thought takes much energy from you, thought is fueled by pure consciousness energy; therefore, a daily state of no-thought takes you deeply into Source, so energy is flowing healthily and freely throughout your body and there is no thought to consume it, thus it gives your very cellular makeup strength, stamina, intuition, illumination.
During your day as you normally use thought then, you have already experienced no-thought state and mastered the better usage of energy; consequently, you illumine yourself on the uses of thought–i.e., you understand how anger, frustration, stress, and all fear consume your energy, and so you become highly self-aware of your desires, ideas, beliefs, intentions, behaviors.  And this is exactly why to master a state of no-thought is an art–namely “The Miraculous Art of Life.”


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