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Under the pouring rain.

Challenges and moments of confusion, arguments and disagreements in absolutely any relationship must…

How is it really helping you being upset at someone…??  Is it because you think that somehow you are punishing them with you childish attitude…??  Are you really so full of fear and hatred to keep that grudge and resentment alive, and so allow your ignorant ego to guide your moods and behaviors…??

Rain must pour and shower, be really heavy and cold, in order for an awakening, an illumination, a deeper understanding to reach your very conscience; however, it is your choice to remain stubborn in your ignorance and reactive ego and miss the rainbow the rain brings, or it is your choice as well to understand the role the rain has in your life and see that colorful rainbow which changes you for the better.  And for this better change and illumination to reach your conscience, you must allow it to happen; yes, allow it, because the automatic mode or program of the mind is to resist and not let go, so you have to be self-aware and change the program thus allowing change in you to happen–thus allowing illumination to happen.
If you do not do this then you will infect yourself with the darkness of fear and resentment, which only affects you and not others; and without illumination in the relationship things will slowly crumble to dust, you might lose something important to you because of ill will to change.  You see, it is not about them (even though society teaches so); it is about you, it is all about your own mental peace and harmony.  Why…??  Because in all aspects of life (romance, friendship, education, finding a job, etc.), to thrive and become successful in all, you need love, comprehension, discipline, a good and happy attitude; but you can only invite all these into your mind if there is already peace and harmony there.
When there is any resentment and jealousy, upset or anger, in your mind, then fear is there.  This is why you must welcome the rain as a blessing, let it shower you while you remain alert in this downpour, keep your mind steadfast to invite love and higher understanding to illumine you.  While it rains, think about yourself and your own inner peace, immerse yourself in the heart of the relationship or situation instead of letting the thunder and lightning to fill you with pain and anger–and maybe become someone you do not want to be!
Challenges and moments of confusion, arguments and disagreements in absolutely any relationship must become sources of illumination to you, seek the further understanding and the wiser acceptance; otherwise your mind will agitate and you will react out of fear and anger, perhaps even ruining all your possibilities for further growth. 


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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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