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Yes, they were like parrots standing on my door’s threshold, their mouths enslaved by…

So I just had two of these young missionaries knock at my door, and I truly felt for their confused minds which are overwhelmed by garbage others have told them, all this ignorance–like parrots they repeat scriptures and what they have been told since birth by the bishop and their own parents.  Yes, they were like parrots standing on my door’s threshold, their mouths enslaved by the same words and phrases over and over again, and I could sense that they weren’t really thinking for themselves but they were reacting to a program forced in them and that now they were seeing as true.
So, they asked the usual: Why wouldn’t I go to church with them or why wouldn’t I come back…??  I looked at them.  At that moment I really felt sad for their empty minds and I wished I had had the power to make them see through the veil like I can; but, however, I know that awakening and seeing through the veil is something which cannot be taught by mere words, and that illumination comes to your very conscience when you are ready–and, in the case of highly religious people, that awakening is extremely difficult to happen.  Possible, as it happened to me, but extremely difficult; for most people live their entire lives without questioning themselves and the status quo of all society.  God, true love, absolute peace, freedom–these are not even experienced by them, their minds following blindly their own imaginations and stubborn views.  Are you one of these lost souls…??
What would it take for you to awaken and become illumined, not by my rebellious words here, not by any ancient scriptures or modern articles or man’s knowledge of any kind, but by your constant self-inquiry and serious meditation in all of life’s aspects…??

You don’t need a middleman.  You don’t need to kneel in prayer.  You don’t need to think about Jesus and Buddha and put them on a golden pedestal, and so become pitiful followers.  You don’t need to be guided by family traditions, blind faith, and by any man, saint or not, who may appear to have the truth or some revelation.  Aren’t you the Creation and the Creator…??–Or does your ignorant mind make distinction of the two…??  And if there is no difference, then you mustn’t look out there for a Creator.  Isn’t God the very rich energy inside each atom making you, the world and all worlds…?? 
All you must do is see clearly, empty your own mind from your beliefs, traditions, and all words; for your own mind/your own ego is the one you call Satan or The Devil, or whatever is keeping you from actually experiencing all love and truth.  Your confusion, your emptiness, your loneliness, your need to follow others and repeat their words like a parrot–this is your ego, and it will never allow you to be illumined or enlightened in this lower state of existence…

The words, the beliefs, the traditions, the rituals–this is keeping you down, dumbing you down from self-knowledge, from the truth; find out who you are without all these enslaving arms.


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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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