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To begin is now!

…why people does not know true love, why people cannot find happiness in their own lives, why wars and all…

Truth cannot be known and experienced by the individual if ears and attention fall upon society and its governments, religion and its priests and false teachers.  There is no self-inquiry, people do not challenge the status quo and what schools and society preach and shove in front of them; and this seemingly harmless situation is exactly what clouds the minds of people--why people does not know true love, why people cannot find happiness in their own lives, why wars and all hatred exist, and why confusion and ignorance rule the mind of the weak majority.

Lies and egoistical views are covered and taken as truth: People eat whatever and as much as they want, meanwhile illnesses fill hospitals and thieves in white coats fill their pockets over and over again telling lies and holding the truth from the same sick people; people rush into relationships without knowing what true love is, while following the example of the ignorant crowd out there; religious people preach love and God, but when they are at home they curse at each other and also support wars and prejudice; and so on and so forth.  This is not government officials only.  This is not religious leaders only.  This is not other countries only.  This is not them only.  This is you!  You are society, you are humanity, you are the world. 
You blame everybody but yourself, don’t you…??  You start by you, because you must change.
Unless you never become violent, mentally or physically; unless you never argue and curse others; unless you mediate each day and control your ego; unless you eat right and do some exercise; unless you absolutely know and live with your mind full of true love all the time; unless you are the wisest sage.  Yes, you know you must change and stop your own ego from growing; and so, you have to find the truth within yourself, such is the truth behind everything you do–behind your uncontrolled and erratic eating, behind all your ways of loving, behind your lust, behind your greed, behind the prejudice and jealousy you feel, and the rest.
The majority does not know truth in the world, their blinding idiocy has no bounds, no shame, no rationality; but in order to love and be happy you must know and live the truth within you, you must discover this for yourself, lest you remain in this blinding idiocy of the masses for your entire life.


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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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