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Are you frustrated about something…??





Are you frustrated about something…??  Suffering??  Struggling??  The problem with most adults is that they have forgotten their inner child and lost the sense of wonder and curiosity in life.  Can you see this…?? 

Now immersed in their struggles and burdened by their frustrations, they tend to gravitate towards too much overthinking and serious anxiety about their current lives.  What they have.  What they do not have.  What could happen?!  Why is it so?!  When will I find someone who loves me?!  Why don’t I feel whole?! 

All this comes to the adult’s mind because there is no laughter, no positivity to see opportunity in struggle, no sense of wanting to discover the depth of life further.  This is something to ponder deeply, because, when we lose curiosity and laughter in life, we then fall into struggle and suffering easily.


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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The dawning of wisdom.




Look deeply into your troubles, into the anger you feel, the loneliness, the envy, the heavy stress, the obsessive desire to possess someone or something; and discover the buried thinking patterns, so you can rise above that feeling and realize that you are bringing this onto yourself.

Complications, hardship, suffering is the construct of our petty, little minds when attached to our physical perceptions.  Everybody seeks dating, commitment, marriage, kids; thus, you observe this, you attach a “happiness” and “love” label to it, and so you develop the desire to copy.

You see others get wealthy, better jobs, expensive cars, great shopping; therefore, you believe that this is the “normal,” that this is what happiness really is, and that you desire to be part of this tradition and collective desire of the unconscious masses.

So, you do this, you struggle to be part of all this society nonsense, and you even fill your mind with constant anxiety in the process.  Why…??  Does it make you truly happy??

Do you even truly understand why you obsess about this and feel the nagging need to be this way, always seeking, copying, competing??  So, this is your ego, the secret obsession you have to achieve more and more; but you judge if it works for you or not.

Inquire into yourself and find out why you seek this and desire to achieve and even belong to the collective, because if you do not inquire into it then you will never really understand yourself, your life, and what love and happiness are beyond any petty desires you may have.




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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

The childlike mind.




“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” ~ Jesus Christ.

To have a childlike mind is to look at life with full faith and wonder, with positive thinking and a curious expression of yourself to explore further each moment you live.  And have you noticed how little children do not hold grudges for long, and do not carry this silly burden of “broken” hearts societies invented…??

They just go throughout life discovering and absorbing their experiences, and they do it with gladness and love for life.  They do not complain and accept failure, but they remain confident and try over and over again.

They do not judge others, nor worry about what others do; for their attention is upon discovery of themselves in the world.  This is the mind which must be kept in the adult still, so life can be seen as a gift and not as a burden, so loss and pain can be experienced with faith and with a strong spirit which quickly recuperates and moves onto better things.

Appreciating all people, without judging, without hating, without dwelling on past memories, without fantasizing about the future but just living the moment wholly.

This is the mind you must revive in you as an adult, because this mind welcomes challenges in life, because this mind never remains depressed and negative, and because this mind is creative and curious in all situations.

And you must be creative and curious to respond to your life, to accept the difficulties you live daily.  Life yields and brightens, as heavenly existence, to the childlike mind, to those minds which remain positive, curious, and faithful in the face of chaos.

“Being the valley of the world, eternal virtue will never desert you, and you become like a little child anew.” ~ Lao Tzu.




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